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Remington Park 01:18
1st My Regal Rose (USA) 7/2
2nd Money And Success (USA) 6/1
3rd Woodchop Tcb (USA) 12/1
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11:00 Scottsville
Welcome To Pietermaritzburg Maiden Juvenile Plate
11:30 Scottsville
Delago Deluxe
12:00 Scottsville
Today's Declared Runners

Last Updated: 23-05-2015 01:44:59

Aerialist (IRE) 17:05 Curragh Sat
Aetna 15:10 Haydock Park Sat
Agadoo 17:35 Beverley Sat
Al Thakhira 15:10 Haydock Park Sat
Albert Bridge 14:00 Haydock Park Sat
Alive Alive Oh 15:55 Curragh Sat
Alizoom (IRE) 18:05 Salisbury Sat
Alshalaal (IRE) 18:05 Salisbury Sat
Amazing Maria (IRE) 15:55 Curragh Sat
Amazour (IRE) 16:55 Haydock Park Sat
An Saighdiur (IRE) 14:45 Curragh Sat
Anda De Grissay (FR) 20:30 Ffos Las Sat
Angelito 16:40 Goodwood Sat
Angies Girl 15:30 Goodwood Sat
Anneani (IRE) 17:35 Beverley Sat
Arantes 16:25 Beverley Sat
Arcamante (ITY) 15:35 Catterick Sat
Archie Stevens 18:35 Salisbury Sat
Arranmore Girl (IRE) 15:15 Beverley Sat
Astaire (IRE) 14:45 Curragh Sat
Athas An Bhean 14:15 Curragh Sat
Avenue Du Monde (FR) 20:15 Salisbury Sat
Ayrad (IRE) 14:20 Goodwood Sat
Ayresome Angel 14:25 Catterick Sat
Azrur (IRE) 15:00 Catterick Sat
Babyfact 19:10 Salisbury Sat
Back On Top (IRE) 16:30 Curragh Sat
Ballydoyle (IRE) 13:40 Curragh Sat
Barkston Ash 16:20 Haydock Park Sat
Battlecat 19:55 Ffos Las Sat
Beau Satchel 17:05 Curragh Sat
Belardo (IRE) 15:20 Curragh Sat
Ben Hall (IRE) 17:20 Catterick Sat
Berea Venture (IRE) 19:25 Ffos Las Sat
Berkshire Beauty 20:15 Salisbury Sat
Bernhard (IRE) 20:45 Salisbury Sat
Bertie Buoy 14:25 Catterick Sat
Big Sky 15:30 Goodwood Sat
Big Touch (FR) 21:00 Ffos Las Sat
Billy Slater 14:35 Haydock Park Sat
Black Beach 14:15 Curragh Sat
Black Cherry 17:15 Goodwood Sat
Black Vale (IRE) 18:35 Salisbury Sat
Blhadawa (IRE) 15:10 Haydock Park Sat
Blood Moon 14:15 Curragh Sat
Bob Will (IRE) 17:50 Ffos Las Sat
Bohemian Rhapsody (IRE) 19:40 Salisbury Sat
Boite (IRE) 16:05 Goodwood Sat
Bournemouth Belle 15:30 Goodwood Sat
Breakable 15:00 Catterick Sat
Brittleton 20:15 Salisbury Sat
Brooch (USA) 15:55 Curragh Sat
Brotherly Company (IRE) 13:25 Haydock Park Sat
Brown Bee (IRE) 16:30 Curragh Sat
Buonarroti (IRE) 14:00 Haydock Park Sat
Bushcraft (IRE) 16:20 Haydock Park Sat
Cadeaux Pearl 17:20 Catterick Sat
Call Me Kate 20:30 Ffos Las Sat
Canary Row (IRE) 17:05 Curragh Sat
Canford Star (IRE) 15:30 Goodwood Sat
Canicallyouback 18:50 Ffos Las Sat
Canyari (IRE) 16:20 Haydock Park Sat
Capsize 20:15 Salisbury Sat
Captain Navarre 13:25 Haydock Park Sat
Carbon Dating (IRE) 15:20 Curragh Sat
Cardinal Sin 14:05 Beverley Sat
Carry On Deryck 14:35 Haydock Park Sat
Catcher On The Go (IRE) 21:00 Ffos Las Sat
Celtic Ava (IRE) 20:15 Salisbury Sat
Celtic Fella (IRE) 17:50 Ffos Las Sat
Centre Haafhd 15:00 Catterick Sat
Chase End Charlie (IRE) 21:00 Ffos Las Sat
Childesplay 16:20 Haydock Park Sat
Christmas Hamper (IRE) 20:15 Salisbury Sat
Cinnilla 14:20 Goodwood Sat
Classic Pursuit 18:35 Salisbury Sat
Clon Brulee (IRE) 13:45 Goodwood Sat
Cocoon (IRE) 16:30 Curragh Sat
Colonel Mak 16:20 Haydock Park Sat
Colour Blue (IRE) 17:05 Curragh Sat
Commodore (IRE) 14:55 Goodwood Sat
Company Asset (IRE) 15:15 Beverley Sat
Compton River 14:05 Beverley Sat
Cono Zur (FR) 17:00 Beverley Sat
Continuum 16:05 Goodwood Sat
Convergence (IRE) 15:20 Curragh Sat
Copper Birch (IRE) 18:20 Ffos Las Sat
Court King (IRE) 21:00 Ffos Las Sat
Crack Shot (IRE) 14:55 Goodwood Sat
Cradle Mountain (IRE) 16:30 Curragh Sat
Crakehall Lad (IRE) 15:35 Catterick Sat
Crew Cut (IRE) 16:40 Goodwood Sat
Cry Me A River (IRE) 14:15 Curragh Sat
Curious Carlos 18:50 Ffos Las Sat
Dabadiyan (IRE) 14:20 Goodwood Sat
Danceintothelight 15:35 Catterick Sat
Dancing On Air (IRE) 13:40 Curragh Sat
Dancruise (IRE) 14:05 Beverley Sat
Danish Duke (IRE) 15:00 Catterick Sat
Danzeno 15:45 Haydock Park Sat
Dark Avenger (USA) 20:45 Salisbury Sat
Dawnieriver (IRE) 20:30 Ffos Las Sat
Decimus Maximus 18:35 Salisbury Sat
Deer Song 18:05 Salisbury Sat
Dewdrop (IRE) 13:40 Curragh Sat
Distant Past 16:20 Haydock Park Sat
Divine (IRE) 15:10 Haydock Park Sat
Divine Call 16:40 Goodwood Sat
Dominium (USA) 16:40 Goodwood Sat
Dont Stare 14:20 Goodwood Sat
Double Court (IRE) 19:25 Ffos Las Sat
Dovils Date 19:40 Salisbury Sat
Dr Red Eye 15:00 Catterick Sat
Druids Lodge 21:00 Ffos Las Sat
Duca Valentinois (IRE) 16:30 Curragh Sat
Dutch Robin (IRE) 17:35 Beverley Sat
Earls Quarter (IRE) 19:40 Salisbury Sat
Easton Angel (IRE) 15:15 Beverley Sat
Eccleston 16:20 Haydock Park Sat
Educate 13:45 Goodwood Sat
Eeny Mac (IRE) 17:00 Beverley Sat
El Astronaute (IRE) 14:25 Catterick Sat
El Principe 14:40 Beverley Sat
Endless Drama (IRE) 15:20 Curragh Sat
Enlace 14:55 Goodwood Sat
Evanescent (IRE) 16:10 Catterick Sat
Explosive Lady (IRE) 15:10 Haydock Park Sat
Eye of The Storm (IRE) 14:20 Goodwood Sat
Fab Lolly (IRE) 15:00 Catterick Sat
Fabricate 13:25 Haydock Park Sat
Fact Or Folklore (IRE) 16:30 Curragh Sat
Fast Pick (IRE) 17:15 Goodwood Sat
Fastnet Mist (IRE) 15:55 Curragh Sat
Fazza 16:25 Beverley Sat
Felix Leiter 14:55 Goodwood Sat
Felix Mendelssohn (IRE) 14:20 Goodwood Sat
Fieldgunner Kirkup (GER) 16:10 Catterick Sat
Fingals Cave (IRE) 16:55 Haydock Park Sat
Finn Class (IRE) 16:10 Catterick Sat
First Bombardment 14:25 Catterick Sat
First Selection (SPA) 14:40 Beverley Sat
Flaming Fynn 18:05 Salisbury Sat
Flashy Memories 14:35 Haydock Park Sat
Fleurtille 17:20 Catterick Sat
Flight Risk (IRE) 14:45 Curragh Sat
Footstepsintherain (IRE) 18:50 Ffos Las Sat
Frank The Barber (IRE) 14:05 Beverley Sat
Frenzified 20:45 Salisbury Sat
Funny Oyster (IRE) 15:30 Goodwood Sat
Furiant 14:40 Beverley Sat
G Force (IRE) 15:45 Haydock Park Sat
Gabrials King (IRE) 14:00 Haydock Park Sat
Gallipoli (IRE) 14:40 Beverley Sat
Gambol (FR) 18:50 Ffos Las Sat
Gathering Power (IRE) 15:10 Haydock Park Sat
General Tufto 17:00 Beverley Sat
Geordie George (IRE) 16:55 Haydock Park Sat
Gerry The Glover (IRE) 14:35 Haydock Park Sat
Gilded Lili (IRE) 20:45 Salisbury Sat
Gleneagles (IRE) 15:20 Curragh Sat
Go Dan Go (IRE) 14:35 Haydock Park Sat
Goadby 18:35 Salisbury Sat
Gold Hunter (IRE) 16:10 Catterick Sat
Gold Will (IRE) 16:55 Haydock Park Sat
Golden Amber (IRE) 15:10 Haydock Park Sat
Goldream 15:45 Haydock Park Sat
Gordon Lord Byron (IRE) 14:45 Curragh Sat
Goring (GER) 14:35 Haydock Park Sat
Gramercy (IRE) 16:20 Haydock Park Sat
Grandeur (IRE) 13:45 Goodwood Sat
Great Minds (IRE) 15:45 Haydock Park Sat
Green And White (ITY) 18:50 Ffos Las Sat
Green Howard 16:10 Catterick Sat
Grumeti 16:05 Goodwood Sat
Guishan 16:20 Haydock Park Sat
Hasanour (USA) 17:05 Curragh Sat
Head Space (IRE) 16:40 Goodwood Sat
Headline News (IRE) 15:50 Beverley Sat
Herewego (IRE) 16:30 Curragh Sat
Hernandoshideaway 13:25 Haydock Park Sat
Hes No Saint 16:10 Catterick Sat
High Kite (IRE) 18:20 Ffos Las Sat
Highland Castle 19:40 Salisbury Sat
Ho Lee Moses (IRE) 18:50 Ffos Las Sat
Hold The Line (IRE) 17:05 Curragh Sat
Holy Grail (IRE) 15:15 Beverley Sat
Hopstrings 17:50 Ffos Las Sat
Hot Sauce (IRE) 16:30 Curragh Sat
Hot Streak (IRE) 15:45 Haydock Park Sat
Hundi (IRE) 19:10 Salisbury Sat
Hurricane Cass (IRE) 16:30 Curragh Sat
Hurry Home Poppa (IRE) 15:35 Catterick Sat
Icandi 16:45 Catterick Sat
Ickymasho 20:45 Salisbury Sat
Iconic (IRE) 17:15 Goodwood Sat
Ile De Re (FR) 14:00 Haydock Park Sat
Ill Be Your Clown (IRE) 17:05 Curragh Sat
In Focus (IRE) 16:10 Catterick Sat
Indian Tomahawk 17:05 Curragh Sat
Inniscastle Lad 16:55 Haydock Park Sat
Interception (IRE) 15:10 Haydock Park Sat
Invincible Bond 14:25 Catterick Sat
Ivawood (IRE) 15:20 Curragh Sat
Jacbequick 16:10 Catterick Sat
Jack Blue (IRE) 16:30 Curragh Sat
Jack Dexter 15:45 Haydock Park Sat
Jacob Cats 16:05 Goodwood Sat
Jamesie (IRE) 14:45 Curragh Sat
Joe Packet 16:40 Goodwood Sat
John Reel (FR) 14:00 Haydock Park Sat
Jolly Roger (IRE) 19:55 Ffos Las Sat
Jonny Delta 14:00 Haydock Park Sat
Jupiter Storm 19:40 Salisbury Sat
Just Ching (IRE) 20:15 Salisbury Sat
Justice Day (IRE) 15:45 Haydock Park Sat
Katawi 15:10 Haydock Park Sat
Kept Under Wraps (IRE) 15:15 Beverley Sat
Khelman (IRE) 16:10 Catterick Sat
King Of All Kings (IRE) 18:50 Ffos Las Sat
King Of Aragon (IRE) 16:30 Curragh Sat
King Of The Celts (IRE) 16:25 Beverley Sat
King To Be (IRE) 14:55 Goodwood Sat
Kings Mimic (IRE) 14:40 Beverley Sat
Kingsgate Native (IRE) 15:45 Haydock Park Sat
Kingthistle 14:40 Beverley Sat
Kyllukey 18:05 Salisbury Sat
Lady Chara 14:25 Catterick Sat
Lady Dutch 15:55 Curragh Sat
Lady Mascot (IRE) 17:15 Goodwood Sat
Lady Of Longstone (IRE) 20:30 Ffos Las Sat
Lamar (IRE) 13:45 Goodwood Sat
Langley Vale 16:40 Goodwood Sat
Larch (IRE) 19:10 Salisbury Sat
Lastuce (FR) 15:10 Haydock Park Sat
Lat Hawill (IRE) 17:05 Curragh Sat
Lathom 14:40 Beverley Sat
Laurium 19:25 Ffos Las Sat
Le Maitre Chat (USA) 16:05 Goodwood Sat
Leaderene 16:25 Beverley Sat
Lexington Times (IRE) 15:20 Curragh Sat
Light From Mars 16:40 Goodwood Sat
Light Of Love 17:15 Goodwood Sat
Lil Rockerfeller (USA) 19:40 Salisbury Sat
Litigant 16:05 Goodwood Sat
Little Lady Katie (IRE) 14:35 Haydock Park Sat
Live Dangerously 18:35 Salisbury Sat
Logans Lad (IRE) 17:20 Catterick Sat
Louis Phillipe (IRE) 17:50 Ffos Las Sat
Lulu The Zulu (IRE) 15:10 Haydock Park Sat
Lusos Way (IRE) 20:30 Ffos Las Sat
Lydias Place 14:25 Catterick Sat
Maarek 14:45 Curragh Sat
Mac Gregory 21:00 Ffos Las Sat
Mac Le Couteau 18:20 Ffos Las Sat
Maggie Dalton (IRE) 17:05 Curragh Sat
Magical Man 17:50 Ffos Las Sat
Magical Thomas 20:45 Salisbury Sat
Majestic Bond 15:15 Beverley Sat
Majestic Manannan (IRE) 17:20 Catterick Sat
Majestic Queen (IRE) 14:45 Curragh Sat
Majestic Touch (IRE) 21:00 Ffos Las Sat
Malaysian Boleh 18:35 Salisbury Sat
Mambo Spirit (IRE) 18:35 Salisbury Sat
Mandamus (IRE) 17:05 Curragh Sat
Marmarus 15:00 Catterick Sat
Marshall Jennings (IRE) 16:30 Curragh Sat
Maskoon 17:05 Curragh Sat
Maven 15:50 Beverley Sat
Maxie T 19:40 Salisbury Sat
Mayfair Lady 14:25 Catterick Sat
Mezzotint (IRE) 16:10 Catterick Sat
Mfiftythreedotcom (IRE) 17:00 Beverley Sat
Midnight Rider (IRE) 16:40 Goodwood Sat
Midnight Sequel 20:30 Ffos Las Sat
Midnight Tune 21:00 Ffos Las Sat
Midtech Star (IRE) 16:55 Haydock Park Sat
Milestone (IRE) 19:25 Ffos Las Sat
Millkwood 15:00 Catterick Sat
Milly Malone (IRE) 20:30 Ffos Las Sat
Miss Biscotti 17:50 Ffos Las Sat
Miss Katie Mae (IRE) 13:40 Curragh Sat
Miss Lucy Jane 15:50 Beverley Sat
Mister Universe 14:55 Goodwood Sat
Mistral 20:15 Salisbury Sat
Moccasin (FR) 16:25 Beverley Sat
Mohaayed 15:20 Curragh Sat
Monarch Maid 17:20 Catterick Sat
Montefeltro 14:00 Haydock Park Sat
Moonlightnavigator (USA) 14:35 Haydock Park Sat
Moshe (IRE) 19:40 Salisbury Sat
Mr Burbidge 19:55 Ffos Las Sat
Mrs Biggs 17:35 Beverley Sat
Mrs King (IRE) 13:40 Curragh Sat
Muajiza 15:10 Haydock Park Sat
MuffriHa (IRE) 14:55 Goodwood Sat
Mullionheir 14:55 Goodwood Sat
Musicora 15:10 Haydock Park Sat
Mustajeeb 14:45 Curragh Sat
Mutarakez (IRE) 14:35 Haydock Park Sat
Mutasayyid 14:35 Haydock Park Sat
My Dream Boat (IRE) 14:55 Goodwood Sat
My Meteor 18:35 Salisbury Sat
My Name Is Rio (IRE) 16:20 Haydock Park Sat
Nam Ma Prow 15:35 Catterick Sat
Nameitwhatyoulike 16:20 Haydock Park Sat
Navigate (IRE) 16:55 Haydock Park Sat
Nearly Caught (IRE) 14:00 Haydock Park Sat
Neutron Bomb (IRE) 16:45 Catterick Sat
New Road Side 15:15 Beverley Sat
Noble Silk 14:00 Haydock Park Sat
Normandy Knight 17:35 Beverley Sat
North Spirit (IRE) 14:25 Catterick Sat
Not Never 13:25 Haydock Park Sat
Oasis Fantasy (IRE) 16:05 Goodwood Sat
Offshore 20:45 Salisbury Sat
One Cool Poet (IRE) 16:30 Curragh Sat
Opal Tiara (IRE) 15:15 Beverley Sat
Operative 18:05 Salisbury Sat
Oratorios Joy (IRE) 19:40 Salisbury Sat
Orvar (IRE) 18:05 Salisbury Sat
Paint The Star (IRE) 19:10 Salisbury Sat
Pandar 16:40 Goodwood Sat
Pandorica 18:50 Ffos Las Sat
Panther Patrol (IRE) 16:20 Haydock Park Sat
Pastureyes 17:20 Catterick Sat
Patricktom Boru (IRE) 17:50 Ffos Las Sat
Pea Shooter 17:20 Catterick Sat
Pearl Secret 15:45 Haydock Park Sat
Pelerin (IRE) 15:55 Curragh Sat
Penny Dreadful 16:45 Catterick Sat
Percy Alleline 14:55 Goodwood Sat
Percy Veer 20:15 Salisbury Sat
Perfect Blessings (IRE) 15:10 Haydock Park Sat
Petit Trianon 19:10 Salisbury Sat
Pettochside 16:40 Goodwood Sat
Pigeon Island 18:20 Ffos Las Sat
Pity Cash (IRE) 18:05 Salisbury Sat
Poole Harbour (IRE) 15:00 Catterick Sat
Pop Culture 15:30 Goodwood Sat
Popeswood (IRE) 14:55 Goodwood Sat
Portage (IRE) 17:05 Curragh Sat
Posh Bounty 19:10 Salisbury Sat
Pretend (IRE) 15:45 Haydock Park Sat
Princess Aloof (IRE) 17:05 Curragh Sat
Privileged (IRE) 17:15 Goodwood Sat
Proud Of You (IRE) 17:35 Beverley Sat
Puzzle Time 15:50 Beverley Sat
Quest For More (IRE) 16:05 Goodwood Sat
Quiet Beauty 17:15 Goodwood Sat
Ralphy Boy (IRE) 16:10 Catterick Sat
Ramone (IRE) 15:55 Curragh Sat
Raseel 19:10 Salisbury Sat
Rawaki (IRE) 14:20 Goodwood Sat
Razin Hell 18:35 Salisbury Sat
Red Aggressor (IRE) 16:40 Goodwood Sat
Red Charmer (IRE) 17:00 Beverley Sat
Red Skipper (IRE) 19:55 Ffos Las Sat
Regal Dan (IRE) 16:10 Catterick Sat
Regal Parade 16:20 Haydock Park Sat
Reginald Claude 18:35 Salisbury Sat
Remote 13:45 Goodwood Sat
Response 16:25 Beverley Sat
Rhombus (IRE) 16:05 Goodwood Sat
Rich Jade (USA) 13:40 Curragh Sat
Right Touch 16:20 Haydock Park Sat
Ringside Humour (IRE) 16:30 Curragh Sat
Ripples Effect 17:05 Curragh Sat
Rite To Reign 14:00 Haydock Park Sat
Rosie Rebel 19:40 Salisbury Sat
Rough Courte (IRE) 17:00 Beverley Sat
Round Two (IRE) 14:15 Curragh Sat
Rousayan (IRE) 15:00 Catterick Sat
Royal Craftsman (IRE) 19:25 Ffos Las Sat
Royal Street 20:15 Salisbury Sat
Royal Warranty 16:05 Goodwood Sat
Russian Radiance 19:10 Salisbury Sat
Rydan (IRE) 13:45 Goodwood Sat
Rye House (IRE) 18:50 Ffos Las Sat
Saint Thomas (IRE) 16:25 Beverley Sat
Salariaq (USA) 17:05 Curragh Sat
Salateen 14:35 Haydock Park Sat
Saptapadi (IRE) 13:50 Catterick Sat
Scoreline 17:20 Catterick Sat
Seamour (IRE) 14:00 Haydock Park Sat
Secret Witness 16:40 Goodwood Sat
Shady Mccoy (USA) 18:35 Salisbury Sat
Shakalakaboomboom (IRE) 18:20 Ffos Las Sat
Shalamzar (FR) 17:05 Curragh Sat
Shamaheart (IRE) 17:00 Beverley Sat
Shannon Soul (IRE) 16:30 Curragh Sat
Shes Late 14:00 Haydock Park Sat
Silver Detail (IRE) 14:05 Beverley Sat
Sir Mattie (IRE) 18:20 Ffos Las Sat
Slide Show 13:50 Catterick Sat
Smugglers Cove (IRE) 15:20 Curragh Sat
Snowy Dawn 19:40 Salisbury Sat
So Its War (FR) 17:00 Beverley Sat
Socialites Red 15:15 Beverley Sat
Solar Spirit (IRE) 17:20 Catterick Sat
Sole Power 14:45 Curragh Sat
Some Spirit (IRE) 15:55 Curragh Sat
Sovereign Bounty 17:35 Beverley Sat
Spice Fair 16:05 Goodwood Sat
Spider Lily 18:35 Salisbury Sat
Spinamiss (IRE) 13:40 Curragh Sat
Spirit Of Arakan (IRE) 16:45 Catterick Sat
Star Ascending (IRE) 17:35 Beverley Sat
Starlit Cantata 15:50 Beverley Sat
State Of Emergency (IRE) 14:15 Curragh Sat
Steelriver (IRE) 16:20 Haydock Park Sat
Stone Mountain (IRE) 14:15 Curragh Sat
Storm Rock 14:35 Haydock Park Sat
Street Entertainer (IRE) 19:55 Ffos Las Sat
Strikemaster (IRE) 15:35 Catterick Sat
Strumble Head (IRE) 18:20 Ffos Las Sat
Studfarmer 18:35 Salisbury Sat
Subcontinent (IRE) 13:25 Haydock Park Sat
Suegioo (FR) 14:00 Haydock Park Sat
Sufoof (IRE) 13:40 Curragh Sat
Sun Odyssey 20:15 Salisbury Sat
Sunny Future (IRE) 19:40 Salisbury Sat
Sunraider (IRE) 16:20 Haydock Park Sat
Sweet Midnight 20:15 Salisbury Sat
Sweet Taboo (IRE) 18:05 Salisbury Sat
Sweet World 19:55 Ffos Las Sat
Swiss Lait 17:00 Beverley Sat
Taexali (IRE) 14:15 Curragh Sat
Taffetta 14:05 Beverley Sat
Taisce Naisiunta (IRE) 14:15 Curragh Sat
Take Cover 15:45 Haydock Park Sat
Tantalized 20:30 Ffos Las Sat
Tarooq (USA) 16:40 Goodwood Sat
Taws 14:00 Haydock Park Sat
Ted Dolly (IRE) 19:55 Ffos Las Sat
Tennessee Wildcat (IRE) 17:05 Curragh Sat
Texas Rock (IRE) 17:05 Curragh Sat
Thataboy (IRE) 17:20 Catterick Sat
The Blue Banana (IRE) 17:00 Beverley Sat
The Corsican (IRE) 13:45 Goodwood Sat
The Gipper (IRE) 21:00 Ffos Las Sat
The Lampo Genie 13:25 Haydock Park Sat
The Warrior (IRE) 15:20 Curragh Sat
The Wee Chief (IRE) 18:35 Salisbury Sat
Thewestwalian (USA) 18:35 Salisbury Sat
Ticks The Boxes (IRE) 16:55 Haydock Park Sat
Tidals Baby 18:35 Salisbury Sat
Tiger Jim 16:20 Haydock Park Sat
Tindaro (FR) 16:05 Goodwood Sat
Tom Bach (IRE) 17:50 Ffos Las Sat
Tombelaine (USA) 15:20 Curragh Sat
Top Cop 18:35 Salisbury Sat
Top Dancer (FR) 18:20 Ffos Las Sat
Top Offer 16:40 Goodwood Sat
Totalize 14:00 Haydock Park Sat
Tuk Tuk 16:30 Curragh Sat
Underwritten 15:35 Catterick Sat
Vastonea (IRE) 17:05 Curragh Sat
Viking Storm 19:40 Salisbury Sat
Vitello 13:40 Curragh Sat
Vocalise 15:15 Beverley Sat
Waltzing Matilda (IRE) 15:55 Curragh Sat
War Poet 13:50 Catterick Sat
Warrigal (IRE) 18:50 Ffos Las Sat
Washington Dc (IRE) 14:15 Curragh Sat
When In Roam (IRE) 20:30 Ffos Las Sat
Whitstable Pearl (IRE) 15:30 Goodwood Sat
Whoopsy Daisy 20:45 Salisbury Sat
William Of Orange 14:00 Haydock Park Sat
Wind Fire (USA) 15:45 Haydock Park Sat
Windforpower (IRE) 17:20 Catterick Sat
Winter Spice (IRE) 19:40 Salisbury Sat
Xebec (USA) 16:30 Curragh Sat
Yourholidayisover (IRE) 13:50 Catterick Sat
Zarzal (IRE) 19:55 Ffos Las Sat

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