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Mountaineer Park 02:34
1st Battle Strike (USA)
2nd Call M'eve Maybe (USA)
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12:25 Durbanville
Welcome To Durbanville Racecourse Maiden Plate
13:00 Durbanville
Wine Route At Durbanville Racecourse 4th October Maiden Plate
13:35 Durbanville
Racing. It's A Rush Mr 77 Divided Handicap
Today's Declared Runners

Last Updated: 01-10-2014 01:28:00

Abarta (IRE) 16:55 Sligo Wed
Abbotsfield (IRE) 16:10 Newcastle Wed
Able Spirit 14:10 Nottingham Wed
Advance (FR) 15:35 Newcastle Wed
Afatcat 16:25 Sligo Wed
Ainm Spartacus (IRE) 15:50 Sligo Wed
Air Squadron 17:30 Salisbury Wed
Ajmany (IRE) 15:55 Salisbury Wed
Alex Vino (IRE) 15:55 Salisbury Wed
Ali Bin Nayef 14:00 Newcastle Wed
All Or Now (IRE) 16:55 Sligo Wed
Alnashama 14:30 Newcastle Wed
Alpha Delta Whisky 16:50 Nottingham Wed
Amadeus Wolfe Tone (IRE) 16:50 Nottingham Wed
Amber Mile 14:40 Nottingham Wed
Amourita (IRE) 20:15 Kempton Park Wed
An Chulainn (IRE) 15:45 Nottingham Wed
Arabian Flight 21:15 Kempton Park Wed
Arcamante (ITY) 16:40 Newcastle Wed
Arch Walker (IRE) 17:40 Newcastle Wed
Arctic Feeling (IRE) 16:50 Nottingham Wed
Arms Around Me (IRE) 14:30 Newcastle Wed
Artful Prince 15:45 Nottingham Wed
Arzembouy Premier (FR) 17:25 Sligo Wed
Asima (IRE) 14:40 Nottingham Wed
Aspirant 17:40 Newcastle Wed
Assoluta 20:15 Kempton Park Wed
Astrophysics 16:30 Salisbury Wed
Atlantis Crossing (IRE) 16:50 Nottingham Wed
Avonvalley 17:45 Kempton Park Wed
Baileys Partytime 15:35 Newcastle Wed
Basem 15:55 Salisbury Wed
Be Bold 19:15 Kempton Park Wed
Beakers N Num Nums (IRE) 15:45 Nottingham Wed
Beat The Shower 16:40 Newcastle Wed
Beep 20:15 Kempton Park Wed
Befortyfour 17:45 Kempton Park Wed
Belle Nellie (IRE) 14:10 Nottingham Wed
Best Of Times 14:50 Salisbury Wed
Best Trip (IRE) 16:50 Nottingham Wed
Big Chill (IRE) 19:15 Kempton Park Wed
Big City Boy (IRE) 21:15 Kempton Park Wed
Bint Dandy (IRE) 16:10 Newcastle Wed
Black Douglas 17:40 Newcastle Wed
Bleu Astral (FR) 15:00 Newcastle Wed
Blue Maisey 16:10 Newcastle Wed
Bond Starprincess 15:00 Newcastle Wed
Bondi Beach Babe 17:40 Newcastle Wed
Borough Boy (IRE) 21:15 Kempton Park Wed
Bowdlers Magic 16:40 Newcastle Wed
Boxer Beat (IRE) 16:25 Sligo Wed
Brandon Castle 13:45 Salisbury Wed
Brave Decision 20:15 Kempton Park Wed
Bravo Zolo (IRE) 19:15 Kempton Park Wed
Breakable 16:10 Newcastle Wed
Bridgekeeper 15:10 Nottingham Wed
Brittleton 13:45 Salisbury Wed
Broctune Papa Gio 17:10 Newcastle Wed
Brutus (FR) 14:50 Salisbury Wed
Buckland Beau 21:15 Kempton Park Wed
Byronegetonefree 20:15 Kempton Park Wed
Call Rog (IRE) 15:50 Sligo Wed
Camillas Wish (IRE) 14:45 Sligo Wed
Capel Path (USA) 15:00 Newcastle Wed
Captain Scooby 17:40 Newcastle Wed
Castle Talbot (IRE) 15:00 Newcastle Wed
Cavite Beta (IRE) 16:25 Sligo Wed
Celestial Bay 20:15 Kempton Park Wed
Celestial Knight 20:45 Kempton Park Wed
Censorius 16:40 Newcastle Wed
Chadic 18:45 Kempton Park Wed
Chamberlain 17:40 Newcastle Wed
Chapel Choir 14:40 Nottingham Wed
Chemical Charge (IRE) 14:20 Salisbury Wed
Cherry Lodge (IRE) 14:45 Sligo Wed
Chevalgris 16:40 Newcastle Wed
Chief Spirit 14:20 Salisbury Wed
Chosen One (IRE) 17:40 Newcastle Wed
Churchfield Champ (IRE) 16:25 Sligo Wed
Cinnamon Spice 20:15 Kempton Park Wed
Clumber Place 16:10 Newcastle Wed
Cnoc Na Sioga (IRE) 17:55 Sligo Wed
Collaboration 19:45 Kempton Park Wed
Connaught Water (IRE) 21:15 Kempton Park Wed
Cool Warrior (IRE) 16:55 Sligo Wed
Cosmic Halo 15:45 Nottingham Wed
Courier 18:15 Kempton Park Wed
Crown Green 14:30 Newcastle Wed
Daaree (IRE) 19:45 Kempton Park Wed
Dagher 14:30 Newcastle Wed
Dark Amber 17:30 Salisbury Wed
Dark Days 20:15 Kempton Park Wed
Day Of The Eagle (IRE) 17:10 Newcastle Wed
Daylight 17:00 Salisbury Wed
Denton Carnival (IRE) 15:00 Newcastle Wed
Desert Force 14:50 Salisbury Wed
Diamond Lady 16:50 Nottingham Wed
Diamonds A Dancing 20:45 Kempton Park Wed
Diatomic (IRE) 15:10 Nottingham Wed
Direct Times (IRE) 15:35 Newcastle Wed
Dishy Guru 17:20 Nottingham Wed
Donny Rover (IRE) 15:45 Nottingham Wed
Dont Have It Then 16:50 Nottingham Wed
Dont Tell Nan 17:45 Kempton Park Wed
Dotties Boy 18:15 Kempton Park Wed
Dusty Storm (IRE) 17:20 Nottingham Wed
Dutch Robin (IRE) 14:20 Salisbury Wed
Eager To Bow (IRE) 21:15 Kempton Park Wed
Earls Quarter (IRE) 17:30 Salisbury Wed
Eland Ally 17:20 Nottingham Wed
Elle Dorado 14:40 Nottingham Wed
Elsie 14:45 Sligo Wed
Elysian Flyer (IRE) 16:30 Salisbury Wed
Elysian Prince 15:20 Salisbury Wed
Emef Diamond 16:20 Nottingham Wed
Enchanted Garden 16:40 Newcastle Wed
Epsom Poems 18:15 Kempton Park Wed
Equleus 18:15 Kempton Park Wed
Eternitys Gate 17:20 Nottingham Wed
Every Time 15:45 Nottingham Wed
Exceedwell 14:10 Nottingham Wed
Excellent Puck (IRE) 15:45 Nottingham Wed
Exclusive Waters (IRE) 17:10 Newcastle Wed
Express Himself (IRE) 16:20 Nottingham Wed
Fair Bunny 16:10 Newcastle Wed
Farendole (USA) 13:45 Salisbury Wed
Farmshop Boy 15:20 Salisbury Wed
Faure Island 16:20 Nottingham Wed
Ferryview Place 20:15 Kempton Park Wed
First Rebellion 17:45 Kempton Park Wed
Fleurtille 16:10 Newcastle Wed
Flying Machine (IRE) 19:15 Kempton Park Wed
Foreign Rhythm (IRE) 17:40 Newcastle Wed
Forest Glen (IRE) 20:45 Kempton Park Wed
Francisco 18:15 Kempton Park Wed
Front Page News 16:50 Nottingham Wed
Fujin 17:40 Newcastle Wed
Fureys Cross (IRE) 15:15 Sligo Wed
Generalyse 16:50 Nottingham Wed
George Baker (IRE) 21:15 Kempton Park Wed
Gibeon (IRE) 18:45 Kempton Park Wed
Gild Master 13:45 Salisbury Wed
Gladsome 16:10 Newcastle Wed
Graceful Act 16:10 Newcastle Wed
Greek Islands (IRE) 17:45 Kempton Park Wed
Green Zone (IRE) 16:20 Nottingham Wed
Grevillea (IRE) 16:20 Nottingham Wed
Guishan 16:50 Nottingham Wed
Halls Bridge (IRE) 17:55 Sligo Wed
Handheld 15:45 Nottingham Wed
Harwoods Volante (IRE) 17:00 Salisbury Wed
Heart Locket 14:20 Salisbury Wed
Heinrich (USA) 21:15 Kempton Park Wed
Henry Grace (IRE) 21:15 Kempton Park Wed
Hes Our Man (IRE) 16:25 Sligo Wed
Hidden Rebel 15:00 Newcastle Wed
Hillgrove Angel (IRE) 15:10 Nottingham Wed
Holeinthewall Bar (IRE) 17:55 Sligo Wed
Honey Meadow 16:50 Nottingham Wed
Honour Promise (IRE) 14:40 Nottingham Wed
Hurry Home Poppa (IRE) 16:40 Newcastle Wed
Hydrant 15:45 Nottingham Wed
Hyphaema (IRE) 14:40 Nottingham Wed
Illtakeitfromhere (IRE) 15:15 Sligo Wed
Imperial Joey (IRE) 16:25 Sligo Wed
Imperial Link 14:40 Nottingham Wed
Insan Flyer (IRE) 16:55 Sligo Wed
Invincible Lad (IRE) 17:40 Newcastle Wed
Istinfaar (USA) 13:45 Salisbury Wed
Its All An Act (IRE) 15:15 Sligo Wed
Jan Smuts (IRE) 16:40 Newcastle Wed
Jay Kay 17:10 Newcastle Wed
Jezza 17:30 Salisbury Wed
Joe Packet 17:00 Salisbury Wed
Just Us Two (IRE) 14:10 Nottingham Wed
Juvenal (IRE) 17:30 Salisbury Wed
Kastini 19:45 Kempton Park Wed
Keble (IRE) 14:00 Newcastle Wed
Khafayya (IRE) 15:00 Newcastle Wed
Khawaater 18:15 Kempton Park Wed
Kilcarry Bridge (IRE) 15:50 Sligo Wed
Kill Or Cure (IRE) 14:10 Nottingham Wed
King Pin 17:10 Newcastle Wed
Kisumu 13:45 Salisbury Wed
Know Your Name 16:20 Nottingham Wed
Krazy Paving 14:10 Nottingham Wed
Kuwait Star 17:10 Newcastle Wed
La Danza 20:45 Kempton Park Wed
La Havrese (FR) 16:10 Newcastle Wed
Lacock 20:45 Kempton Park Wed
Ladydolly 17:45 Kempton Park Wed
Lamubaaly (IRE) 15:20 Salisbury Wed
Langley Vale 17:00 Salisbury Wed
Lazy Sioux 17:40 Newcastle Wed
Lead A Merry Dance 21:15 Kempton Park Wed
Life Knowledge (IRE) 14:00 Newcastle Wed
Light Breaks (IRE) 14:00 Newcastle Wed
Lionel Joseph 13:45 Salisbury Wed
Livia Drusilla (IRE) 15:35 Newcastle Wed
Loch Ard Lady (IRE) 15:15 Sligo Wed
London Bridge 17:25 Sligo Wed
Londonia 18:15 Kempton Park Wed
Longside 18:15 Kempton Park Wed
Lord of The Dance (IRE) 20:45 Kempton Park Wed
Lupo Doro (IRE) 16:50 Nottingham Wed
Macks Sister 17:45 Kempton Park Wed
Mad About Harry (IRE) 20:15 Kempton Park Wed
Magic Circle (IRE) 13:45 Salisbury Wed
Majnon Fajer (IRE) 20:15 Kempton Park Wed
Manofmanytalents 14:10 Nottingham Wed
Marweena (IRE) 20:45 Kempton Park Wed
Marzante (USA) 19:45 Kempton Park Wed
Masterpaver 19:45 Kempton Park Wed
Maven 15:45 Nottingham Wed
Mezajy (IRE) 14:00 Newcastle Wed
Mias Anthem (IRE) 16:55 Sligo Wed
Mister Archie 14:30 Newcastle Wed
Mister Marcasite 17:10 Newcastle Wed
Mitebeall Forluck 16:25 Sligo Wed
Moheet (IRE) 13:45 Salisbury Wed
Mon Brav 16:50 Nottingham Wed
Mon Carlos (IRE) 15:15 Sligo Wed
Mon Cigar (IRE) 20:45 Kempton Park Wed
Mornas Glory 15:35 Newcastle Wed
Moscato 16:40 Newcastle Wed
Mossy Marie (IRE) 17:40 Newcastle Wed
Muhaarib Al Emarat (IRE) 14:10 Nottingham Wed
Munstead Pride 14:20 Salisbury Wed
Murgan 14:00 Newcastle Wed
Musical Moon 17:30 Salisbury Wed
Musicora 17:00 Salisbury Wed
Musikhani 16:40 Newcastle Wed
My Escapade (IRE) 16:40 Newcastle Wed
My Inspiration 17:00 Salisbury Wed
My Reward 18:45 Kempton Park Wed
Nearest The Pin (IRE) 16:25 Sligo Wed
Night Generation (GER) 14:30 Newcastle Wed
No Win No Fee 15:45 Nottingham Wed
Nona Blu 18:45 Kempton Park Wed
Nonagon 15:35 Newcastle Wed
North Bay Lady (IRE) 15:10 Nottingham Wed
Ocean Applause 15:45 Nottingham Wed
Officer In Command (USA) 20:45 Kempton Park Wed
Oldjoesaid 17:20 Nottingham Wed
On The High Tops (IRE) 17:40 Newcastle Wed
Only Ten Per Cent (IRE) 17:20 Nottingham Wed
Open The Red 13:45 Salisbury Wed
Opera Box 19:45 Kempton Park Wed
Our Kylie (IRE) 15:10 Nottingham Wed
Outlaw Torn (IRE) 17:10 Newcastle Wed
Panther Patrol (IRE) 17:00 Salisbury Wed
Parish (IRE) 14:20 Salisbury Wed
Parliament (IRE) 14:00 Newcastle Wed
Patriotic (IRE) 17:10 Newcastle Wed
Pavers Star 17:40 Newcastle Wed
Pennys Boy 15:20 Salisbury Wed
Philba 15:10 Nottingham Wed
Plan A (IRE) 16:25 Sligo Wed
Polar Forest 17:10 Newcastle Wed
Poor Duke (IRE) 20:15 Kempton Park Wed
Precision Strike 16:40 Newcastle Wed
Presburg (IRE) 15:55 Salisbury Wed
Presidente 17:10 Newcastle Wed
Princess Spirit 20:45 Kempton Park Wed
Prosperity Square (IRE) 16:55 Sligo Wed
Puissant (IRE) 14:00 Newcastle Wed
Queen Aggie (IRE) 20:45 Kempton Park Wed
Raise Your Gaze 15:45 Nottingham Wed
Random 21:15 Kempton Park Wed
Red Aggressor (IRE) 17:00 Salisbury Wed
Red House Rebel (IRE) 18:15 Kempton Park Wed
Red Icon (IRE) 19:15 Kempton Park Wed
Red Or White 16:55 Sligo Wed
Rembrandt 14:20 Salisbury Wed
Risen Sun 14:50 Salisbury Wed
Rocket Rob (IRE) 16:50 Nottingham Wed
Rome 15:20 Salisbury Wed
Rosie Probert 19:45 Kempton Park Wed
Rough Courte (IRE) 15:20 Salisbury Wed
Royal Bajan (USA) 17:20 Nottingham Wed
Royal Brave (IRE) 17:00 Salisbury Wed
Russian Ice 20:45 Kempton Park Wed
Russian Royale 17:30 Salisbury Wed
Sakhees Rose 16:10 Newcastle Wed
Saturation Point 20:15 Kempton Park Wed
Scots Fern 14:40 Nottingham Wed
Scrutiny 17:10 Newcastle Wed
Sean Airgead (IRE) 16:25 Sligo Wed
Settle For Red (IRE) 20:45 Kempton Park Wed
Shades of Silk 16:50 Nottingham Wed
Sharissima 18:15 Kempton Park Wed
Sharp Sailor (USA) 18:45 Kempton Park Wed
Shes A Leader (IRE) 14:45 Sligo Wed
Shirleys Pride 16:50 Nottingham Wed
Silken Poppy 17:45 Kempton Park Wed
Sizing Solution (IRE) 15:50 Sligo Wed
Sleep Easy 14:20 Salisbury Wed
Sleepy Blue Ocean 17:20 Nottingham Wed
Slip Sliding Away (IRE) 17:00 Salisbury Wed
Soviet Rock (IRE) 15:55 Salisbury Wed
Speedy Rio (IRE) 17:45 Kempton Park Wed
Spirit Of Alsace (IRE) 16:10 Newcastle Wed
Spot Fine 17:55 Sligo Wed
Star Anise 15:20 Salisbury Wed
Star Of Aragon (IRE) 17:25 Sligo Wed
Starring Guest (IRE) 15:10 Nottingham Wed
Stoneboat Bill 14:30 Newcastle Wed
Stonecrabstomorrow (IRE) 21:15 Kempton Park Wed
Stravagante (IRE) 14:00 Newcastle Wed
Street Entertainer (IRE) 17:30 Salisbury Wed
Stroll On (IRE) 15:35 Newcastle Wed
Subcontinent (IRE) 14:20 Salisbury Wed
Substantivo (IRE) 21:15 Kempton Park Wed
Subversive (IRE) 19:15 Kempton Park Wed
Sunrise Dance 17:40 Newcastle Wed
Sunset Sail 16:30 Salisbury Wed
Survival (IRE) 16:55 Sligo Wed
Sweeping Rock (IRE) 20:15 Kempton Park Wed
Sweet Sylvia (IRE) 14:45 Sligo Wed
Swendab (IRE) 17:20 Nottingham Wed
Taffetta 14:10 Nottingham Wed
Takaatuf (IRE) 16:40 Newcastle Wed
Take A Shot (IRE) 16:55 Sligo Wed
Takeitfromalady (IRE) 17:30 Salisbury Wed
Tamayuz Star (IRE) 17:00 Salisbury Wed
Tanawar (IRE) 17:10 Newcastle Wed
Tatawu (IRE) 14:20 Salisbury Wed
Taysh (USA) 15:00 Newcastle Wed
Thankyou Very Much 17:10 Newcastle Wed
The Madding Crowd 14:40 Nottingham Wed
The Twisler 13:45 Salisbury Wed
Thepartysover 16:55 Sligo Wed
Thorntoun Lady (USA) 15:35 Newcastle Wed
Tidentime (USA) 17:00 Salisbury Wed
Time Please (IRE) 17:55 Sligo Wed
Tobacco Road (IRE) 15:20 Salisbury Wed
Tom Horn (IRE) 17:25 Sligo Wed
Tontos Spirit 14:30 Newcastle Wed
Topamichi 19:45 Kempton Park Wed
Touch The Clouds 17:20 Nottingham Wed
Trans City (IRE) 15:15 Sligo Wed
Triple Chocolate 16:50 Nottingham Wed
Tulsa Jack (IRE) 15:50 Sligo Wed
Tweety Pie (IRE) 17:20 Nottingham Wed
Typhoon Season 18:45 Kempton Park Wed
Ultimate Act 17:30 Salisbury Wed
Unforgettable You (IRE) 15:00 Newcastle Wed
Unforgiving Minute 16:20 Nottingham Wed
Up Sluggarh (IRE) 15:15 Sligo Wed
Vale Mentor (IRE) 15:35 Newcastle Wed
Vallarta (IRE) 17:00 Salisbury Wed
Vejovis 18:15 Kempton Park Wed
Venutius 17:10 Newcastle Wed
Via Del Corso 14:45 Sligo Wed
Vita Mina 15:10 Nottingham Wed
Viva Colonia (IRE) 16:40 Newcastle Wed
Vivis Charis (IRE) 14:40 Nottingham Wed
Vodka Time (IRE) 17:20 Nottingham Wed
Voice Control (IRE) 14:20 Salisbury Wed
Volcanic Dust (IRE) 17:45 Kempton Park Wed
Waldnah 14:40 Nottingham Wed
War Singer (USA) 15:55 Salisbury Wed
Waseem Faris (IRE) 17:20 Nottingham Wed
Weekendatbernies (IRE) 16:20 Nottingham Wed
What A Dandy (IRE) 20:45 Kempton Park Wed
Whispering Warrior (IRE) 15:55 Salisbury Wed
Whitecrest 17:20 Nottingham Wed
Woodland Girl 16:10 Newcastle Wed
Woody Bay 17:10 Newcastle Wed
Wor Lass 16:40 Newcastle Wed
Wotalad 21:15 Kempton Park Wed
Yankee Red 17:40 Newcastle Wed
Yorkindred Spirit 14:30 Newcastle Wed
Youre Cool 14:10 Nottingham Wed

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