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2nd Air Northern (USA)
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Today's Declared Runners

Last Updated: 22-07-2014 07:31:25

Abou Ben (IRE) 19:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Accordion Exhibit (IRE) 19:30 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Act Your Shoe Size 14:00 Musselburgh Tue
Air Chief 16:15 Southwell Tue
Alexandrakollontai (IRE) 20:40 Carlisle Tue
Alpine Storm (IRE) 21:10 Carlisle Tue
Alton Bay (IRE) 18:15 Ballinrobe Tue
Amis Reunis 18:40 Carlisle Tue
An Chulainn (IRE) 20:40 Carlisle Tue
Another Royal 19:10 Carlisle Tue
Apache Dawn 20:00 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Atlas Peak (IRE) 18:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Authorative (IRE) 17:45 Ballinrobe Tue
Bajan Rebel 20:40 Carlisle Tue
Baltic Spirit (IRE) 15:00 Musselburgh Tue
Banned In Bhutan (IRE) 20:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Barney King (IRE) 20:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Beautiful Ben (IRE) 17:45 Ballinrobe Tue
Bens Hampshire (IRE) 18:15 Ballinrobe Tue
Berbice (IRE) 17:00 Musselburgh Tue
Best Boy Barney (IRE) 14:15 Southwell Tue
Bizzario 14:30 Musselburgh Tue
Black Douglas 15:00 Musselburgh Tue
Blossom Gate (IRE) 19:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Boherna Lady (IRE) 20:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Bonobo (IRE) 18:00 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Bosham 18:40 Carlisle Tue
Bunce (IRE) 16:00 Musselburgh Tue
C J Mackintosh 20:30 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Call Me Pj (IRE) 20:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Canitbe (IRE) 18:15 Ballinrobe Tue
Cara Vic (IRE) 18:15 Ballinrobe Tue
Cat Six (USA) 19:00 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Cead Eitilt (IRE) 20:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Cebuano 18:15 Ballinrobe Tue
Centre Haafhd 19:10 Carlisle Tue
Chances Are (IRE) 18:10 Carlisle Tue
Chloes Dream (IRE) 15:00 Musselburgh Tue
Christmas Cracker 17:15 Southwell Tue
Claude Carter 16:30 Musselburgh Tue
Cliffside Park (IRE) 20:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Clondaw Hero (IRE) 14:15 Southwell Tue
Cockney Class (USA) 18:00 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Coldstonesober (IRE) 19:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Cottrell 17:45 Ballinrobe Tue
Crowley (IRE) 19:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Crystal Wish 18:10 Carlisle Tue
Curragh Golan (IRE) 20:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Cusheen Bridge (IRE) 15:45 Southwell Tue
Daft Dave (IRE) 17:45 Ballinrobe Tue
Danbys Legend 14:45 Southwell Tue
Dancing Ecco (IRE) 14:45 Southwell Tue
Dark Energy 16:15 Southwell Tue
Dawn Flyer (IRE) 20:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Dealing River 16:45 Southwell Tue
Declamation (IRE) 14:00 Musselburgh Tue
Degooch (IRE) 18:30 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Dhaular Dhar (IRE) 15:30 Musselburgh Tue
Directors Forum (IRE) 18:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Dormouse 16:45 Southwell Tue
Dowds Angle (IRE) 20:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Dr Kildare 20:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Dunroe Boy (IRE) 20:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Dusty Trail (IRE) 18:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Eight Till Late (IRE) 19:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Eilean Mor 15:30 Musselburgh Tue
Elishpour (IRE) 17:45 Ballinrobe Tue
Ellaal 14:00 Musselburgh Tue
Elsafeer (IRE) 16:15 Southwell Tue
Ereyna 19:00 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Fantasy King 18:30 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Farewelltocheyenne (IRE) 20:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Femme Despere 18:30 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Fethard Player (IRE) 19:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Fillydelphia (IRE) 19:40 Carlisle Tue
Finch Flyer (IRE) 20:00 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Findog 15:00 Musselburgh Tue
First Experience 19:10 Carlisle Tue
Flash City (ITY) 16:00 Musselburgh Tue
Flemensworth (IRE) 18:00 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Flinstone (IRE) 15:45 Southwell Tue
Forced Kin (IRE) 18:15 Ballinrobe Tue
Forget And Forgive (IRE) 20:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Fureys Cross (IRE) 20:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Garnock (IRE) 15:15 Southwell Tue
Geanie Mac (IRE) 15:30 Musselburgh Tue
Gladsome 20:40 Carlisle Tue
Glasson Lad (IRE) 20:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Glebeparkhawk (IRE) 18:15 Ballinrobe Tue
Gotcha 19:40 Carlisle Tue
Gottcher 16:00 Musselburgh Tue
Grand Partner (IRE) 19:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Hard Core Debt 20:10 Carlisle Tue
Haveinosay (IRE) 20:50 Ballinrobe Tue
He Is Top Class (IRE) 20:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Heavenly River (FR) 19:40 Carlisle Tue
Heidis Delight (IRE) 20:40 Carlisle Tue
Henrytheaeroplane (USA) 14:30 Musselburgh Tue
Hi Tide (IRE) 16:45 Southwell Tue
Hopstrings 19:00 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
House Limit (IRE) 18:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Hunting Ground (USA) 15:30 Musselburgh Tue
Hurraboru (IRE) 15:45 Southwell Tue
I C Gold (IRE) 19:50 Ballinrobe Tue
I Hear Trouble 19:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Ice Ice Baby 20:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Icy Colt (ARG) 20:30 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Idlewild 17:45 Ballinrobe Tue
Inca Kola 18:00 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Incurs Four Faults 21:10 Carlisle Tue
Ingenti 18:40 Carlisle Tue
Invincible Wish (IRE) 18:10 Carlisle Tue
Itsonthelist (IRE) 20:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Ixelles Diamond (IRE) 17:00 Musselburgh Tue
Jacob Black 20:10 Carlisle Tue
Jakesday (IRE) 20:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Jawaab (IRE) 15:45 Southwell Tue
Jebulani 16:30 Musselburgh Tue
Jim Tango (FR) 16:30 Musselburgh Tue
Jordaura 14:00 Musselburgh Tue
Jumbo Steps (IRE) 16:00 Musselburgh Tue
Karlidi (USA) 17:45 Ballinrobe Tue
Kayfton Pete 16:15 Southwell Tue
Kirtling Belle 18:40 Carlisle Tue
La Bacouetteuse (FR) 16:30 Musselburgh Tue
La Havrese (FR) 19:10 Carlisle Tue
Lady Bingo (IRE) 19:40 Carlisle Tue
Larteta (FR) 16:45 Southwell Tue
Lazarus Bell 20:10 Carlisle Tue
Les Gar Gan (IRE) 20:40 Carlisle Tue
Lilly Junior 21:10 Carlisle Tue
Lilywhite Gesture (IRE) 15:15 Southwell Tue
Lisrenny Prince (IRE) 18:15 Ballinrobe Tue
Little Houidini 14:30 Musselburgh Tue
Little Rocky 18:15 Ballinrobe Tue
Live Dangerously 17:00 Musselburgh Tue
Long Wave (IRE) 14:15 Southwell Tue
Lucror (IRE) 20:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Maddoxtown (IRE) 19:30 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Magical Moon 19:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Maizy Missile (IRE) 20:00 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Man Of Erin (IRE) 18:15 Ballinrobe Tue
Manatee Bay 18:40 Carlisle Tue
Maoi Chinn Tire (IRE) 16:30 Musselburgh Tue
Massannie (IRE) 18:30 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Mawaqeet (USA) 18:00 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Mile House (IRE) 17:15 Southwell Tue
Mister Wall Street (FR) 19:30 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Mollies Gent (IRE) 18:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Mon Carlos (IRE) 20:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Moon Melody (GER) 15:45 Southwell Tue
Moonlightnavigator (USA) 14:30 Musselburgh Tue
Mossy Island (IRE) 20:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Moyne Nineoseven (IRE) 20:30 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Mrs Warren 20:40 Carlisle Tue
Mubrook (USA) 16:15 Southwell Tue
Muhawalah (IRE) 19:40 Carlisle Tue
Muzak (IRE) 19:50 Ballinrobe Tue
My Betty (IRE) 15:15 Southwell Tue
My Nosy Rosy 20:30 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Mysterial 17:00 Musselburgh Tue
Naoise (IRE) 20:10 Carlisle Tue
Nether Stream (IRE) 20:30 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Nevskij (IRE) 19:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Next Exit (IRE) 14:15 Southwell Tue
Nicky Nutjob (GER) 20:30 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Olwenbrook (IRE) 18:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Opt Out 15:00 Musselburgh Tue
Orwellian 17:00 Musselburgh Tue
Our Maimie (IRE) 19:00 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Ozzy Thomas (IRE) 17:15 Southwell Tue
Passionada 18:40 Carlisle Tue
Pavers Star 15:00 Musselburgh Tue
Pennys Tune (IRE) 19:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Perfect Blossom 16:00 Musselburgh Tue
Perfect Timing 15:45 Southwell Tue
Poppy In The Wind 18:10 Carlisle Tue
Potent Embrace (USA) 19:40 Carlisle Tue
Prince des Marais (FR) 19:30 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Princess Rose 19:10 Carlisle Tue
Radsoc De Sivola (FR) 14:45 Southwell Tue
Raes Creek 17:45 Ballinrobe Tue
Raise A Billion 19:10 Carlisle Tue
Ram Them All (IRE) 18:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Rathmuck Native (IRE) 20:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Recway Lass 16:15 Southwell Tue
Red Lover 18:15 Ballinrobe Tue
Red Rosso 14:45 Southwell Tue
Red Solo Cup (IRE) 15:45 Southwell Tue
Right To Rule (IRE) 20:30 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Rioja Day (IRE) 17:00 Musselburgh Tue
Rising Euro (IRE) 18:15 Ballinrobe Tue
Riverside City (IRE) 19:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Rock On Bollinski 17:15 Southwell Tue
Ronald Gee (IRE) 15:30 Musselburgh Tue
Royal Straight 14:00 Musselburgh Tue
Rufino (IRE) 17:45 Ballinrobe Tue
Run Fly Run (IRE) 20:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Running Reef (IRE) 17:00 Musselburgh Tue
Ryback Jack (IRE) 20:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Ryeolliean 21:10 Carlisle Tue
Salvatore Fury (IRE) 16:00 Musselburgh Tue
Secret Applause 19:10 Carlisle Tue
Shabra Charity (IRE) 19:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Shakespeare Dancer 15:15 Southwell Tue
Shamaheart (IRE) 17:00 Musselburgh Tue
Shes Late 16:45 Southwell Tue
Ship Canal 18:10 Carlisle Tue
Shouband (IRE) 20:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Signoret (IRE) 18:10 Carlisle Tue
Siobhans Belle (IRE) 20:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Skytrain 20:10 Carlisle Tue
Slim Chance (IRE) 18:40 Carlisle Tue
Sohcahtoa (IRE) 16:30 Musselburgh Tue
Space Artist (IRE) 16:00 Musselburgh Tue
Sphereofinfluence (USA) 17:45 Ballinrobe Tue
Spirit River (FR) 18:30 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Spithead 16:15 Southwell Tue
Sports Line (IRE) 18:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Staffhoss 14:00 Musselburgh Tue
Stimulus Package (IRE) 18:15 Ballinrobe Tue
Strobe 16:30 Musselburgh Tue
Sublime Talent (IRE) 19:30 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Sugar Town 20:40 Carlisle Tue
Sumner (IRE) 20:00 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Supapowers (IRE) 15:15 Southwell Tue
Supreme Vic (IRE) 20:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Swantykay (IRE) 18:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Tantalized 20:30 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Tempo Mac (IRE) 17:45 Ballinrobe Tue
Tempuran 14:45 Southwell Tue
Teruntum Star (FR) 18:10 Carlisle Tue
Testa Rossa () 14:00 Musselburgh Tue
The Absent Mare 14:45 Southwell Tue
The Nifty Fox 18:40 Carlisle Tue
The Phantom Winger 17:15 Southwell Tue
The Yellow Bin (IRE) 18:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Thereorthereabouts (IRE) 15:15 Southwell Tue
Toto Skyllachy 20:10 Carlisle Tue
Travis County (IRE) 16:15 Southwell Tue
Tribal Dance (IRE) 20:00 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
True Pleasure (IRE) 20:10 Carlisle Tue
Ty Ty 18:10 Carlisle Tue
Tyn Y Wern 17:15 Southwell Tue
Ultra Light (FR) 19:00 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Up The Hill () 19:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Urtheoneiwant (IRE) 17:45 Ballinrobe Tue
Ussee (FR) 15:15 Southwell Tue
Valantino Oyster (IRE) 15:30 Musselburgh Tue
Valleyofmilan (IRE) 19:30 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Veloce (IRE) 19:30 Bangor-on-Dee Tue
Violent Velocity (IRE) 14:00 Musselburgh Tue
Vittachi 15:30 Musselburgh Tue
Voice From Above (IRE) 16:30 Musselburgh Tue
War Of The Pennys (IRE) 19:20 Ballinrobe Tue
Wate And Sea (IRE) 18:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Wester Ross (IRE) 16:45 Southwell Tue
Whatever It Takes (IRE) 19:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Wicked Wilma (IRE) 15:00 Musselburgh Tue
Windforpower (IRE) 15:00 Musselburgh Tue
Wither Yenot (IRE) 14:15 Southwell Tue
Xenophon 14:45 Southwell Tue
Yanna Hennay (IRE) 20:50 Ballinrobe Tue
Yukos Flyer (IRE) 18:10 Carlisle Tue
Zama Zama 20:00 Bangor-on-Dee Tue

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