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Kenilworth 17:10
1st Kingston Mines 11/1
2nd Coltrane (ARG) 9/5 f
3rd Shingwedzi 12/1
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19:13 Philadelphia Park
19:15 Sunland Park
Today's Declared Runners

Last Updated: 31-01-2015 06:13:35

A Doll In Milan (IRE) 14:05 Ffos Las Sat
Accordingtopalm (IRE) 15:10 Ffos Las Sat
Acriveen (IRE) 13:20 Fairyhouse Sat
After Eight Sivola (FR) 16:10 Sandown Park Sat
Aigle De La See (FR) 16:10 Sandown Park Sat
Albert Bridge 15:10 Ffos Las Sat
Alderbrook Lad (IRE) 14:10 Wetherby Sat
All The Chimneys (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sat
Allbarnone 16:10 Sandown Park Sat
Alpha Victor (IRE) 14:45 Wetherby Sat
Amidon (FR) 16:10 Sandown Park Sat
And The Man 15:35 Sandown Park Sat
Anda De Grissay (FR) 15:45 Ffos Las Sat
Anteros (IRE) 15:00 Sandown Park Sat
Arantes 12:55 Ffos Las Sat
Arc Lighter (USA) 14:55 Lingfield Park Sat
Archibald Thorburn (IRE) 14:20 Lingfield Park Sat
Ardkilly Witness (IRE) 15:35 Sandown Park Sat
Arkaim 13:50 Sandown Park Sat
As De Fer (FR) 13:30 Ffos Las Sat
Atrafs Lad (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sat
Awaywiththegreys (IRE) 14:05 Ffos Las Sat
Badgerfort (IRE) 15:05 Fairyhouse Sat
Baie Des Iles (FR) 13:55 Fairyhouse Sat
Ballyadam Approach (IRE) 13:20 Fairyhouse Sat
Ballygarvey (FR) 13:50 Sandown Park Sat
Ballyorney (IRE) 14:30 Fairyhouse Sat
Beforeall (IRE) 15:35 Sandown Park Sat
Benjamin Disraeli (IRE) 13:10 Lingfield Park Sat
Bennys Mist (IRE) 15:35 Sandown Park Sat
Bertha Burnett (IRE) 13:00 Wetherby Sat
Bertie Blu Boy 16:05 Lingfield Park Sat
Bertie Boru (IRE) 15:35 Sandown Park Sat
Billy Red 14:20 Lingfield Park Sat
Birkdale Boy (IRE) 13:10 Lingfield Park Sat
Black Label 14:30 Fairyhouse Sat
Blown Cover 15:45 Ffos Las Sat
Blue Jacket (USA) 13:00 Wetherby Sat
Bob Ford (IRE) 14:40 Ffos Las Sat
Bobs Lady Tamure 13:00 Wetherby Sat
Bollin Ace 16:30 Wetherby Sat
Bookmaker 16:05 Lingfield Park Sat
Brick Red 13:50 Sandown Park Sat
Brigadier Miller 16:10 Sandown Park Sat
Brigliadoro (IRE) 14:55 Lingfield Park Sat
Bristol De Mai (FR) 13:15 Sandown Park Sat
Bunclody 13:30 Ffos Las Sat
Cadoudoff (FR) 15:00 Sandown Park Sat
Call Me Mulligan (IRE) 15:55 Wetherby Sat
Cantlow (IRE) 15:35 Sandown Park Sat
Captain Mcginley (IRE) 16:20 Ffos Las Sat
Caraline (FR) 13:00 Wetherby Sat
Cardhu (IRE) 14:30 Fairyhouse Sat
Carrigmoorna Rock (IRE) 13:55 Fairyhouse Sat
Champagne West (IRE) 14:25 Sandown Park Sat
Chantara Rose 15:45 Ffos Las Sat
Clar Na Mionn (IRE) 12:50 Fairyhouse Sat
Cockle Town Boy 13:45 Lingfield Park Sat
Colbert Station (IRE) 12:50 Fairyhouse Sat
Cuddly Me (IRE) 15:05 Fairyhouse Sat
Curious Carlos 12:55 Ffos Las Sat
Cyclop (IRE) 15:10 Ffos Las Sat
De Benno (IRE) 13:20 Fairyhouse Sat
Deadly Catch (IRE) 15:05 Fairyhouse Sat
Definite Earl (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sat
Derrintogher Bliss (IRE) 16:10 Sandown Park Sat
Discover Wexford (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sat
Dizoard 13:00 Wetherby Sat
Dolphin Village (IRE) 15:30 Lingfield Park Sat
Donetsk 13:45 Lingfield Park Sat
Douglas Julian 15:55 Wetherby Sat
Dounyas Boy 16:30 Wetherby Sat
Dr Zoom (IRE) 15:05 Fairyhouse Sat
Dukes Meadow 13:10 Lingfield Park Sat
Early Boy (FR) 16:30 Wetherby Sat
Easyondeye (IRE) 13:20 Fairyhouse Sat
Edmund Kean (IRE) 14:40 Ffos Las Sat
El Dancer (GER) 15:00 Sandown Park Sat
Ely Brown (IRE) 14:45 Wetherby Sat
Energia Flavio (BRZ) 14:55 Lingfield Park Sat
Fainne An Lae (IRE) 15:05 Fairyhouse Sat
Fergiethelegend (IRE) 13:20 Fairyhouse Sat
Festive Affair 13:50 Sandown Park Sat
Filatore (IRE) 12:55 Ffos Las Sat
Filey Bay 13:00 Wetherby Sat
Firebird Flyer (IRE) 14:40 Ffos Las Sat
Firth Of The Clyde 14:10 Wetherby Sat
Flas Long Shot (IRE) 13:20 Fairyhouse Sat
Flaviana (IRE) 16:15 Fairyhouse Sat
Flemenstorm (IRE) 15:05 Fairyhouse Sat
Flighty Clarets (IRE) 14:20 Lingfield Park Sat
Flute Bowl 13:15 Sandown Park Sat
Flying Bandit (IRE) 16:10 Sandown Park Sat
Followmeuptocarlow (IRE) 12:50 Fairyhouse Sat
Forceful Appeal (USA) 14:55 Lingfield Park Sat
Foryourinformation 14:05 Ffos Las Sat
Foxbridge (IRE) 13:30 Ffos Las Sat
Frankie Ballou (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sat
Free World (FR) 14:10 Wetherby Sat
French Opera 13:50 Sandown Park Sat
Gabrials Wawa 14:20 Lingfield Park Sat
Garde La Victoire (FR) 13:15 Sandown Park Sat
George Fernbeck 15:20 Wetherby Sat
Germany John (IRE) 15:05 Fairyhouse Sat
Ghost Train (IRE) 14:20 Lingfield Park Sat
Gitane Du Berlais (FR) 14:25 Sandown Park Sat
Glenwood Star (IRE) 12:55 Ffos Las Sat
Global Power (IRE) 14:40 Ffos Las Sat
Go Anna Go (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sat
Gold Bullet (IRE) 12:50 Fairyhouse Sat
Gold Club 14:20 Lingfield Park Sat
Gold Trail (IRE) 15:30 Lingfield Park Sat
Golden Silence (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sat
Gonow 15:20 Wetherby Sat
Gorgehous Lliege (FR) 14:40 Ffos Las Sat
Gorman (FR) 12:40 Sandown Park Sat
Got The Nac (IRE) 12:55 Ffos Las Sat
Granville Island (IRE) 14:10 Wetherby Sat
Greeneyed Monster (IRE) 14:30 Fairyhouse Sat
Greywell Boy 13:50 Sandown Park Sat
Grove Silver (IRE) 16:10 Sandown Park Sat
Grumeti 14:25 Sandown Park Sat
Guru Mac 16:30 Wetherby Sat
Haadeeth 14:20 Lingfield Park Sat
Hadrians Approach (IRE) 15:35 Sandown Park Sat
Hannah Just Hannah 16:10 Sandown Park Sat
Hansupfordetroit (IRE) 15:00 Sandown Park Sat
Heath Hunter (IRE) 15:10 Ffos Las Sat
Hello Sweetie 16:15 Fairyhouse Sat
Heronshaw (IRE) 14:45 Wetherby Sat
Herr Larry Hewis 12:55 Ffos Las Sat
Hidden Identity (IRE) 14:05 Ffos Las Sat
Highly Exclusive (IRE) 16:15 Fairyhouse Sat
Hinton Admiral 16:05 Lingfield Park Sat
Honeys Joy 16:15 Fairyhouse Sat
Horsehill (IRE) 15:45 Ffos Las Sat
Hostile Fire (IRE) 14:30 Fairyhouse Sat
Hughesie (IRE) 15:45 Ffos Las Sat
Imperial Leader (IRE) 15:00 Sandown Park Sat
In On The Act 16:20 Ffos Las Sat
Indian Voyage (IRE) 14:10 Wetherby Sat
Inexorable Tide (IRE) 13:10 Lingfield Park Sat
Invicta Lake (IRE) 15:00 Sandown Park Sat
Irish Saint (FR) 14:25 Sandown Park Sat
Italian Riviera 15:05 Fairyhouse Sat
Its Friday (IRE) 14:30 Fairyhouse Sat
Ivors Involvement (IRE) 13:10 Lingfield Park Sat
Jackapies Bay (IRE) 15:05 Fairyhouse Sat
Join The Clan (IRE) 14:45 Wetherby Sat
Jollyallan 13:15 Sandown Park Sat
Jonny Eager (IRE) 13:35 Wetherby Sat
Joy Neville 15:05 Fairyhouse Sat
Jumptoconclusions (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sat
Junction Fourteen (IRE) 15:00 Sandown Park Sat
Junior 15:55 Wetherby Sat
Just A Par (IRE) 15:35 Sandown Park Sat
Kafeel (USA) 14:55 Lingfield Park Sat
Kaki De La Pree (FR) 15:20 Wetherby Sat
Kara Tara 16:30 Wetherby Sat
Kashstaree 13:00 Wetherby Sat
Kayf Moss 14:05 Ffos Las Sat
Kennady (IRE) 14:30 Fairyhouse Sat
Kennoway (IRE) 13:20 Fairyhouse Sat
Key To The West (IRE) 13:30 Ffos Las Sat
Kilgefin Star (IRE) 14:45 Wetherby Sat
Killiney Court (IRE) 15:05 Fairyhouse Sat
King Massini (IRE) 14:40 Ffos Las Sat
Kings Bayonet 15:30 Lingfield Park Sat
Kings Chapel (USA) 16:05 Lingfield Park Sat
Knockraha Pylon (IRE) 13:55 Fairyhouse Sat
Kris Kindle (IRE) 16:15 Fairyhouse Sat
Kudu Country (IRE) 15:10 Ffos Las Sat
Kylemore Lough 13:35 Wetherby Sat
Lac Sacre (FR) 13:30 Ffos Las Sat
Laurel Park (IRE) 15:05 Fairyhouse Sat
Le Reve (IRE) 15:35 Sandown Park Sat
Letter Of Credit (IRE) 12:50 Fairyhouse Sat
Lewis 14:45 Wetherby Sat
Lewis 16:10 Sandown Park Sat
Lewisham 14:20 Lingfield Park Sat
Lil Rockerfeller (USA) 12:40 Sandown Park Sat
Limerick Lord (IRE) 13:45 Lingfield Park Sat
Lion Na Bearnai (IRE) 12:50 Fairyhouse Sat
Little Boy Boru (IRE) 14:05 Ffos Las Sat
Llangwm Lad (IRE) 16:20 Ffos Las Sat
Loch Ba (IRE) 14:40 Ffos Las Sat
Los Amigos (IRE) 12:50 Fairyhouse Sat
Lujeanie 14:20 Lingfield Park Sat
Lyrical Theatre (IRE) 13:55 Fairyhouse Sat
Ma Garrett (IRE) 16:15 Fairyhouse Sat
Major Muscari (IRE) 16:05 Lingfield Park Sat
Makethedifference (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sat
Manhattan Transfer 16:30 Wetherby Sat
Masterpaver 15:30 Lingfield Park Sat
Maxanisi (IRE) 16:20 Ffos Las Sat
May Hay 13:00 Wetherby Sat
Melbourne Lady 13:55 Fairyhouse Sat
Middle England (IRE) 13:45 Lingfield Park Sat
Midnight Belle 14:10 Wetherby Sat
Mijhaar 15:00 Sandown Park Sat
Mimi Luke (USA) 14:20 Lingfield Park Sat
Mindurownbusiness (IRE) 14:55 Lingfield Park Sat
Mine Now (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sat
Minella Berry (IRE) 14:30 Fairyhouse Sat
Miss Gally Rio (IRE) 14:30 Fairyhouse Sat
Miss Peaches (IRE) 14:30 Fairyhouse Sat
Missyspet (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sat
Mister Green (FR) 16:05 Lingfield Park Sat
Monbeg Theatre (IRE) 16:10 Sandown Park Sat
Morning Run (IRE) 13:55 Fairyhouse Sat
Mr Fitzroy (IRE) 15:10 Ffos Las Sat
Mr Grey (IRE) 15:00 Sandown Park Sat
Mr K (IRE) 16:30 Wetherby Sat
Mr Shankly (IRE) 13:20 Fairyhouse Sat
Muine Bheag (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sat
Murphys Filly (IRE) 13:20 Fairyhouse Sat
Mwaleshi 14:10 Wetherby Sat
My Brother Sylvest 13:50 Sandown Park Sat
My Oh Mount Brown (IRE) 14:45 Wetherby Sat
Ned Stark (IRE) 15:20 Wetherby Sat
Nights Watch 12:55 Ffos Las Sat
Noble Gift 15:30 Lingfield Park Sat
O Maonlai (IRE) 13:30 Ffos Las Sat
Old Guard 12:40 Sandown Park Sat
One Term (IRE) 14:05 Ffos Las Sat
Oscar Sunset (IRE) 14:05 Ffos Las Sat
Pain Au Chocolat (FR) 12:40 Sandown Park Sat
Palypso De Creek (FR) 15:55 Wetherby Sat
Paradise Found 13:10 Lingfield Park Sat
Pass The Ball (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sat
Patsio (IRE) 15:05 Fairyhouse Sat
Pay The King (IRE) 15:00 Sandown Park Sat
Pepite Rose (FR) 14:10 Wetherby Sat
Phoenix Returns (IRE) 14:45 Wetherby Sat
Polamco (IRE) 15:00 Sandown Park Sat
Portrette (IRE) 13:55 Fairyhouse Sat
Presenting Thewest (IRE) 15:05 Fairyhouse Sat
Princess Tara (IRE) 15:45 Ffos Las Sat
Puffin Billy (IRE) 14:05 Ffos Las Sat
Purple Sage (IRE) 15:30 Lingfield Park Sat
Queen Of Norway 16:05 Lingfield Park Sat
Quel Elite (FR) 14:45 Wetherby Sat
Radmores Revenge 14:05 Ffos Las Sat
Railway Dillon (IRE) 15:55 Wetherby Sat
Rattlin 15:20 Wetherby Sat
Redclue (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sat
Reginald Claude 14:20 Lingfield Park Sat
Return Spring (IRE) 15:20 Wetherby Sat
Rinnca Fada 16:30 Wetherby Sat
River Bollin 13:35 Wetherby Sat
Rock On The Moor (IRE) 13:55 Fairyhouse Sat
Rouge Et Blanc (FR) 13:30 Ffos Las Sat
Roys Legacy 14:20 Lingfield Park Sat
Ruler of All (IRE) 14:45 Wetherby Sat
Saffron Wells (IRE) 15:00 Sandown Park Sat
Sample (FR) 13:10 Lingfield Park Sat
Sceal Eile (IRE) 16:15 Fairyhouse Sat
Serienschock (GER) 14:45 Wetherby Sat
Shadow Shopper (IRE) 15:05 Fairyhouse Sat
Shes Late 16:10 Sandown Park Sat
Silsol (GER) 14:05 Ffos Las Sat
Single Lense (IRE) 13:45 Lingfield Park Sat
Sir Scorpion (IRE) 15:05 Fairyhouse Sat
Sir Vinski (IRE) 16:10 Sandown Park Sat
Six Men Or Dooley (IRE) 15:05 Fairyhouse Sat
Sizing Titanium (IRE) 15:05 Fairyhouse Sat
Skidby Mill (IRE) 16:05 Lingfield Park Sat
Smiles For Miles (IRE) 14:40 Ffos Las Sat
Smirfys Blackcat (IRE) 13:00 Wetherby Sat
Smoking Big Cigars 14:30 Fairyhouse Sat
Snaidhm (IRE) 14:30 Fairyhouse Sat
Souk Al Tahab (IRE) 13:45 Lingfield Park Sat
Souriyan (FR) 12:55 Ffos Las Sat
Sparksfrommyheels (IRE) 16:20 Ffos Las Sat
Spiritual Star (IRE) 14:55 Lingfield Park Sat
Splash of Ginge 14:25 Sandown Park Sat
Ssuferin Ssocotage (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sat
Stenid 13:45 Lingfield Park Sat
Stormy Paradise (IRE) 14:55 Lingfield Park Sat
Straidnahanna (IRE) 15:20 Wetherby Sat
Super Duty (IRE) 14:45 Wetherby Sat
Swift Provence (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sat
Taj Badalandabad (IRE) 14:05 Ffos Las Sat
Tango Turner (IRE) 13:10 Lingfield Park Sat
Tarraco (FR) 14:40 Ffos Las Sat
The Church Gate (IRE) 14:30 Fairyhouse Sat
The Green Ogre 15:10 Ffos Las Sat
The Old House (IRE) 15:05 Fairyhouse Sat
The Saint James (FR) 12:40 Sandown Park Sat
Theatrical Star 15:35 Sandown Park Sat
Theres No Panic (IRE) 15:35 Sandown Park Sat
Timanora (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sat
Timesawastin (IRE) 13:30 Ffos Las Sat
To Choose (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sat
Tonvadosa 15:20 Wetherby Sat
Tooreen (IRE) 13:20 Fairyhouse Sat
Top Totti 15:20 Wetherby Sat
Turfjager (GER) 14:30 Fairyhouse Sat
Twirling Magnet (IRE) 15:55 Wetherby Sat
Typhon (USA) 13:35 Wetherby Sat
Ulck Du Lin (FR) 13:50 Sandown Park Sat
Uncle Monty (IRE) 16:30 Wetherby Sat
Van Huysen (IRE) 13:10 Lingfield Park Sat
Velvet Maker (FR) 15:05 Fairyhouse Sat
Via Sundown (FR) 15:35 Sandown Park Sat
Village Vic (IRE) 13:30 Ffos Las Sat
Vintage Clouds (IRE) 16:30 Wetherby Sat
Virtuel Doudon (FR) 14:05 Ffos Las Sat
War Singer (USA) 15:10 Ffos Las Sat
Wayward Glance 14:45 Wetherby Sat
West Leake (IRE) 16:05 Lingfield Park Sat
Whistle Dixie (IRE) 16:15 Fairyhouse Sat
Why Not Thistle (IRE) 13:55 Fairyhouse Sat
Wild Rover (IRE) 15:45 Ffos Las Sat
Williams Wishes (IRE) 14:05 Ffos Las Sat
Willow Jubilee 13:45 Lingfield Park Sat
With Approval 13:10 Lingfield Park Sat
Witness Of Fashion (IRE) 13:20 Fairyhouse Sat
Y O Me 12:55 Ffos Las Sat
Yes Daddy (IRE) 15:10 Ffos Las Sat
Zabalee (IRE) 13:00 Wetherby Sat
Zafayan (IRE) 14:30 Fairyhouse Sat
Ziga Boy (FR) 14:40 Ffos Las Sat

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