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Today's Declared Runners

Last Updated: 25-10-2014 07:25:11

Abby Cadabby (IRE) 17:25 Leopardstown Sat
Able Spirit 18:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Acid 14:05 Leopardstown Sat
Afonso De Sousa (USA) 15:45 Leopardstown Sat
Air Of York (IRE) 17:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Ajjaadd (USA) 15:15 Doncaster Sat
Al Muheer (IRE) 19:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Alainn (IRE) 16:20 Leopardstown Sat
Alcatraz (IRE) 14:35 Leopardstown Sat
Alert 16:05 Newbury Sat
Allthedollars (IRE) 15:25 Wexford Sat
Almaardiyah (IRE) 16:05 Newbury Sat
Aloft (IRE) 15:50 Doncaster Sat
Alquimia (IRE) 17:30 Doncaster Sat
Amron Kali (IRE) 17:40 Wexford Sat
An Poc Ar Buile (IRE) 13:55 Chepstow Sat
Anay Turge (FR) 16:45 Chepstow Sat
Ancient Cross 15:15 Doncaster Sat
Angus Glens 17:10 Newbury Sat
Another Flutter (IRE) 14:45 Stratford Sat
Answered 15:45 Leopardstown Sat
Anteros (IRE) 16:10 Chepstow Sat
Apollo Eleven (IRE) 17:25 Aintree Sat
Arcano Gold (IRE) 16:25 Doncaster Sat
Ask Dad 16:55 Leopardstown Sat
Ask Me Nicely (IRE) 15:10 Leopardstown Sat
Asker (IRE) 17:10 Newbury Sat
Astrelle (IRE) 14:50 Newbury Sat
Athenry Boy (IRE) 14:35 Leopardstown Sat
Aubusson (FR) 16:10 Chepstow Sat
Aurora Borealis (IRE) 20:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Aussie Guest (IRE) 17:25 Leopardstown Sat
Awaywiththegreys (IRE) 14:25 Chepstow Sat
Azagal (IRE) 16:40 Newbury Sat
B Fifty Two (IRE) 15:15 Doncaster Sat
Baby Bush (IRE) 16:40 Newbury Sat
Back Door Approach (IRE) 13:55 Chepstow Sat
Baily Cloud (IRE) 15:25 Wexford Sat
Ballesteros 15:15 Doncaster Sat
Ballinard Billy (IRE) 14:20 Wexford Sat
Ballybogey (IRE) 16:50 Aintree Sat
Ballyvoneen (IRE) 17:15 Chepstow Sat
Banreenahreenkah (IRE) 14:15 Stratford Sat
Barack (IRE) 16:55 Leopardstown Sat
Battalion (IRE) 14:20 Newbury Sat
Beautiful Ben (IRE) 15:25 Wexford Sat
Bellajeu 16:05 Newbury Sat
Bells n Banjos (IRE) 17:05 Stratford Sat
Bennachie (IRE) 16:30 Stratford Sat
Beyond Brilliance (IRE) 15:45 Leopardstown Sat
Billybuster (IRE) 17:10 Wexford Sat
Black Pearl (IRE) 14:05 Leopardstown Sat
Blackstairs Tara (IRE) 17:40 Wexford Sat
Blaklion 15:35 Chepstow Sat
Bluegrass Blues (IRE) 18:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Bluerince Lady (IRE) 16:20 Leopardstown Sat
Bob Ford (IRE) 14:55 Chepstow Sat
Bold Captain (IRE) 17:30 Doncaster Sat
Bold Sir Brian (IRE) 15:00 Aintree Sat
Boondooma (IRE) 16:10 Chepstow Sat
Boris Bike (IRE) 16:20 Leopardstown Sat
Bowberry 20:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Break My Mind (IRE) 17:25 Leopardstown Sat
Breakable 17:30 Doncaster Sat
Brigadoon 14:40 Doncaster Sat
Brigliadoro (IRE) 17:30 Doncaster Sat
Broughton (GER) 14:00 Aintree Sat
Burano (IRE) 15:30 Newbury Sat
Burning The Clocks (IRE) 14:10 Doncaster Sat
Burton Port (IRE) 15:40 Aintree Sat
Bush Beauty 19:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Busy Bush (IRE) 16:20 Leopardstown Sat
Buzz Law (IRE) 14:15 Stratford Sat
Byerley Babe (IRE) 16:00 Wexford Sat
Cailini Alainn (IRE) 17:25 Leopardstown Sat
Cairdiuil (IRE) 16:55 Leopardstown Sat
Call Rog (IRE) 14:50 Wexford Sat
Calrissian (IRE) 19:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Cant Change It (IRE) 17:30 Doncaster Sat
Capo Rosso (IRE) 18:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Captain Carol (IRE) 17:40 Wexford Sat
Carn Rock 16:15 Aintree Sat
Carrigmorna King (IRE) 14:45 Stratford Sat
Cascadia (IRE) 20:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Casey Top (IRE) 14:50 Wexford Sat
Casino Markets (IRE) 13:55 Chepstow Sat
Catimini (IRE) 16:00 Wexford Sat
Celestial Path (IRE) 15:50 Doncaster Sat
Champagne Or Water (IRE) 16:55 Leopardstown Sat
Charles Molson 17:30 Doncaster Sat
Charlie Bear 14:35 Leopardstown Sat
Chief Of Panama (IRE) 17:10 Wexford Sat
Choice Of Destiny 19:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Closing Ceremony (IRE) 16:10 Chepstow Sat
Club Wexford (IRE) 16:55 Leopardstown Sat
Cock Of The North 15:50 Doncaster Sat
Cocoon (IRE) 15:10 Leopardstown Sat
Code Red 14:10 Doncaster Sat
Comingatu (IRE) 14:05 Leopardstown Sat
Complicit (IRE) 15:30 Newbury Sat
Confessional 15:15 Doncaster Sat
Conquisto 15:00 Aintree Sat
Cool Macavity (IRE) 14:00 Aintree Sat
Copper Birch (IRE) 14:55 Chepstow Sat
Coral Cluster (IRE) 14:05 Leopardstown Sat
Cornborough 13:40 Doncaster Sat
Counter Ridge (SAF) 15:15 Doncaster Sat
Coursing 18:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Crowdmania 13:40 Doncaster Sat
Dancing Primo 17:10 Newbury Sat
Danehill Revival 16:40 Newbury Sat
Dansili Dutch (IRE) 20:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Dashing Lady (IRE) 16:00 Wexford Sat
Dashing Star 14:40 Doncaster Sat
Dashwood 16:55 Leopardstown Sat
Day Day (IRE) 17:40 Wexford Sat
Days Of Heaven (FR) 17:25 Aintree Sat
Debit 13:40 Doncaster Sat
Defining Year (IRE) 16:55 Leopardstown Sat
Demora 15:15 Doncaster Sat
Desert Recluse (IRE) 16:30 Stratford Sat
Dialogue 19:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Diamond Dame (IRE) 17:10 Wexford Sat
Dick Dundee 14:50 Wexford Sat
Diletta Tommasa (IRE) 20:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Disprove (IRE) 14:50 Newbury Sat
Doc Hay (USA) 15:15 Doncaster Sat
Dominetta Vitali (IRE) 14:20 Wexford Sat
Don Ricardo (IRE) 17:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Dorton (IRE) 17:05 Stratford Sat
Dr Erewhon (IRE) 14:35 Leopardstown Sat
Dragon Fei (IRE) 15:45 Leopardstown Sat
Dram Girl (USA) 16:20 Leopardstown Sat
Drummond 17:35 Stratford Sat
Drumshambo (USA) 16:45 Chepstow Sat
Duca Valentinois (IRE) 16:20 Leopardstown Sat
Duke Ellington (IRE) 16:20 Leopardstown Sat
Dungannon 15:15 Doncaster Sat
Dushy Springs (IRE) 16:35 Wexford Sat
Dusky Queen (IRE) 16:40 Newbury Sat
Dutch Courage 16:40 Newbury Sat
Duty Dance (IRE) 17:10 Wexford Sat
Dynamo Walt (IRE) 19:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Dysios (IRE) 17:25 Leopardstown Sat
Eagle Rock (IRE) 14:00 Aintree Sat
Earth Drummer (IRE) 18:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Eastlake (IRE) 16:45 Chepstow Sat
Ebasani (IRE) 15:45 Leopardstown Sat
Edelpour (IRE) 14:35 Leopardstown Sat
Edgardo Sol (FR) 15:00 Aintree Sat
Eileen Gray (IRE) 16:05 Newbury Sat
Elm Grove (IRE) 16:20 Leopardstown Sat
Elm Park 15:50 Doncaster Sat
Elusivity (IRE) 15:15 Doncaster Sat
Emef Diamond 17:30 Doncaster Sat
Emerahldz (IRE) 14:40 Doncaster Sat
Ennistown 15:30 Newbury Sat
Erewhons King (IRE) 14:35 Leopardstown Sat
Estournel 16:05 Newbury Sat
Evacusafe Lady 20:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Exceedingly 18:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Expose 18:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Extreme Appeal (IRE) 16:20 Leopardstown Sat
Extreme Supreme 19:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Facade (IRE) 14:05 Leopardstown Sat
Family Pride (IRE) 16:20 Leopardstown Sat
Favorite Girl (GER) 13:45 Stratford Sat
Featsdontfailmenow 17:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Fencing (USA) 17:00 Doncaster Sat
Fieldmouse 16:05 Newbury Sat
Filbert (IRE) 16:45 Chepstow Sat
Firecrown (IRE) 14:05 Leopardstown Sat
First In The Queue (IRE) 16:55 Leopardstown Sat
First Spirit 17:15 Chepstow Sat
Fiscal Focus (IRE) 16:55 Leopardstown Sat
Flanagans Field (IRE) 15:20 Stratford Sat
Flichity (IRE) 15:55 Stratford Sat
Flying Light (IRE) 14:45 Stratford Sat
Focail Mear 20:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Foolish 14:35 Leopardstown Sat
Footprint (IRE) 16:55 Leopardstown Sat
Forever Scotland (IRE) 14:35 Leopardstown Sat
Forgotten Hero (IRE) 14:40 Doncaster Sat
Foritsa (IRE) 14:50 Wexford Sat
Four Seasons 16:25 Doncaster Sat
Fox Trotter 13:50 Newbury Sat
Foxtail Hill (IRE) 17:05 Stratford Sat
Freckle Face 14:45 Stratford Sat
French Flirt 20:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Garde La Victoire (FR) 14:00 Aintree Sat
George Cinq 18:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Get Home Now 14:30 Aintree Sat
Getittogether (IRE) 14:20 Wexford Sat
Gilded Lili (IRE) 16:05 Newbury Sat
Giovanni Canaletto (IRE) 14:35 Leopardstown Sat
Give Battle (IRE) 14:35 Leopardstown Sat
Gladiatrix 15:15 Doncaster Sat
Glassatura (IRE) 16:55 Leopardstown Sat
Glenwood Star (IRE) 13:55 Chepstow Sat
Glorious Protector (IRE) 14:20 Newbury Sat
Go West Young Man (IRE) 15:20 Stratford Sat
Going Nowhere Fast (IRE) 17:35 Stratford Sat
Golan Guy (IRE) 17:10 Newbury Sat
Gold Chain (IRE) 14:30 Aintree Sat
Golden Hoof (IRE) 16:50 Aintree Sat
Golden Steps (FR) 15:15 Doncaster Sat
Graney Town (IRE) 17:10 Wexford Sat
Granville Island (IRE) 14:45 Stratford Sat
Green Howard 18:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Grey Gold (IRE) 16:45 Chepstow Sat
Grimley Girl 17:35 Stratford Sat
Growl 14:10 Doncaster Sat
Gwladys Street (IRE) 16:15 Aintree Sat
Hallings Treasure 15:25 Wexford Sat
Handazan (IRE) 14:00 Aintree Sat
Handsome Horace (IRE) 17:25 Aintree Sat
Hard Fought (IRE) 17:10 Wexford Sat
Harlestone Times (IRE) 17:25 Aintree Sat
Harristown 16:10 Chepstow Sat
Harry The Viking 16:15 Aintree Sat
Hartforth 16:15 Aintree Sat
Havanna Belle (IRE) 16:20 Leopardstown Sat
Hawdyerwheesht 14:15 Stratford Sat
Hawk High (IRE) 14:00 Aintree Sat
Henllan Harri (IRE) 15:35 Chepstow Sat
Hes Our Man (IRE) 14:50 Wexford Sat
Hey Big Spender (IRE) 15:40 Aintree Sat
Hi Note 17:10 Newbury Sat
Hi There (IRE) 15:30 Newbury Sat
Hidden Identity (IRE) 16:10 Chepstow Sat
High Office 17:10 Newbury Sat
Highland Colori (IRE) 17:00 Doncaster Sat
Hobart (IRE) 14:35 Leopardstown Sat
Hollow Tree 16:15 Aintree Sat
Horizontal Speed (IRE) 16:50 Aintree Sat
Hulgary Baby (IRE) 14:35 Leopardstown Sat
Hunters Hoof (IRE) 17:25 Aintree Sat
I Am Not Here (IRE) 19:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Illtakeitfromhere (IRE) 14:20 Wexford Sat
Illusive (IRE) 16:55 Leopardstown Sat
Inflection (IRE) 13:40 Doncaster Sat
Instant Attraction (IRE) 13:40 Doncaster Sat
Intiwin (IRE) 16:25 Doncaster Sat
Irish Mint (IRE) 17:25 Leopardstown Sat
Island Remede 14:20 Newbury Sat
Jackies Solitaire 14:55 Chepstow Sat
Jackpot 19:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Jacks Last Hope 17:25 Aintree Sat
Jacobean (IRE) 15:50 Doncaster Sat
Jallota 17:00 Doncaster Sat
Jamaican Bolt (IRE) 15:15 Doncaster Sat
Jaunty Journey 16:15 Aintree Sat
Jawaab (IRE) 16:15 Aintree Sat
Jewelled Prince 16:25 Doncaster Sat
Jim Job Jones 15:55 Stratford Sat
Jimmys Girl (IRE) 17:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Join The Clan (IRE) 15:20 Stratford Sat
Josie S And B (IRE) 17:10 Wexford Sat
Junior Ben 17:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Juvenal (IRE) 14:15 Stratford Sat
Kashmir Peak (IRE) 14:40 Doncaster Sat
Katgary (FR) 14:00 Aintree Sat
Katie T (IRE) 17:25 Leopardstown Sat
Kayfleur 13:45 Stratford Sat
Keel Haul (IRE) 15:20 Stratford Sat
Keep It Cool (IRE) 16:35 Wexford Sat
Kickboxer (IRE) 15:15 Doncaster Sat
Kie (IRE) 15:00 Aintree Sat
Kilcascan 15:55 Stratford Sat
Kilfinichen Bay (IRE) 16:15 Aintree Sat
Kimbali (IRE) 19:15 Wolverhampton Sat
King Of Oriel (IRE) 17:25 Leopardstown Sat
King of Normandy (FR) 13:50 Newbury Sat
Kings Request (IRE) 16:30 Stratford Sat
Kings Ryker (IRE) 16:55 Leopardstown Sat
Kingsmere 14:30 Aintree Sat
Kirtling 20:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Kisha Lad (IRE) 16:35 Wexford Sat
Kiwayu 17:25 Aintree Sat
Knife Point (GER) 14:40 Doncaster Sat
Knocknagree (IRE) 14:05 Leopardstown Sat
Knoxs Bridge (IRE) 17:10 Wexford Sat
Kodiac Lady (IRE) 18:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Kraka Gym (IRE) 19:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Kublai 16:30 Stratford Sat
Kylies Wild Card 17:45 Wolverhampton Sat
La Superba (IRE) 14:05 Leopardstown Sat
Lacing 14:50 Newbury Sat
Lackaday 14:10 Doncaster Sat
Ladies From Hell (IRE) 14:05 Leopardstown Sat
Lady Desire (IRE) 16:25 Doncaster Sat
Lady Frances 16:40 Newbury Sat
Lancelot Du Lac (ITY) 15:15 Doncaster Sat
Lar Na Pairce (IRE) 15:25 Wexford Sat
Lariat Loop (IRE) 14:05 Leopardstown Sat
Late For Supper (IRE) 16:30 Stratford Sat
Latenightrequest 14:40 Doncaster Sat
Laviniad (IRE) 16:55 Leopardstown Sat
Law Keeper (IRE) 20:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Lazy Sioux 19:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Leafy Suburb (IRE) 17:25 Leopardstown Sat
Leo Luna 14:25 Chepstow Sat
Letbeso (IRE) 13:55 Chepstow Sat
Lexington Times (IRE) 13:50 Newbury Sat
Lie Forrit (IRE) 15:40 Aintree Sat
Liffey View (IRE) 16:20 Leopardstown Sat
Like A Diamond (IRE) 17:25 Aintree Sat
Lilac Lace (IRE) 16:40 Newbury Sat
Lindas Choice (IRE) 17:10 Wexford Sat
Lingenue 16:05 Newbury Sat
Linton (AUS) 17:00 Doncaster Sat
Lite Duties (IRE) 16:35 Wexford Sat
Lonan (IRE) 17:25 Leopardstown Sat
Long Lunch 15:20 Stratford Sat
Lordship (IRE) 17:35 Stratford Sat
Los Barbados (IRE) 14:35 Leopardstown Sat
Louis The Pious 17:00 Doncaster Sat
Love The Feeling (IRE) 17:25 Leopardstown Sat
Low Key (IRE) 17:10 Newbury Sat
Lucky William (IRE) 15:00 Aintree Sat
Lulani (IRE) 16:05 Newbury Sat
Lulu The Zulu (IRE) 17:00 Doncaster Sat
Lunique (FR) 16:10 Chepstow Sat
Lusos Way (IRE) 16:35 Wexford Sat
Lydiate Lady 17:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Lyvius 14:30 Aintree Sat
Macarthurs Park (IRE) 17:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Madame De Guise (FR) 13:45 Stratford Sat
Magic Of Christmas (IRE) 16:20 Leopardstown Sat
Magical Macey (USA) 15:15 Doncaster Sat
Magnolia Ridge (IRE) 17:25 Aintree Sat
Majala (FR) 16:45 Chepstow Sat
Maller Tree 15:20 Stratford Sat
Mandamus 15:10 Leopardstown Sat
Manofmanytalents 14:10 Doncaster Sat
Marmaladeskies (IRE) 17:10 Wexford Sat
Maudlin Magdalen (IRE) 16:55 Leopardstown Sat
Mawaqeet (USA) 16:15 Aintree Sat
May Be Some Time 17:05 Stratford Sat
McMurrough (IRE) 15:40 Aintree Sat
Meebo (IRE) 19:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Megaleka 15:15 Doncaster Sat
Melodica 16:05 Newbury Sat
Merrion Row (IRE) 14:20 Wexford Sat
Merry Dancer (IRE) 16:05 Newbury Sat
Midnight Chorister 16:30 Stratford Sat
Midnight Jazz 16:30 Stratford Sat
Mikeys Dream (IRE) 16:30 Stratford Sat
Milan Of Crystal (IRE) 17:05 Stratford Sat
Mile House (IRE) 15:35 Chepstow Sat
Minella On Line (IRE) 14:25 Chepstow Sat
Miners Lamp 15:30 Newbury Sat
Miracle Cure (IRE) 17:05 Stratford Sat
Mister Grez (FR) 14:45 Stratford Sat
Mister Musicmaster 19:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Misteray 17:05 Stratford Sat
Misty Lady (IRE) 17:10 Wexford Sat
Mitebeall Forluck 14:50 Wexford Sat
Mixin N Scratchin (IRE) 14:05 Leopardstown Sat
Mizzava (IRE) 15:45 Leopardstown Sat
Module (FR) 15:00 Aintree Sat
Mojolika 14:30 Aintree Sat
Mon Petit Fleur 18:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Moonlone Lane (IRE) 17:10 Wexford Sat
Morache Music 17:00 Doncaster Sat
More Spice (IRE) 18:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Mosspark (IRE) 14:25 Chepstow Sat
Most Tempting 17:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Mr Moonshine (IRE) 15:00 Aintree Sat
MuffriHa (IRE) 14:50 Newbury Sat
Muinin (IRE) 17:25 Leopardstown Sat
Mukhayyam 13:50 Newbury Sat
My Direction 15:35 Chepstow Sat
Myetta 13:55 Chepstow Sat
Mystery Bet (IRE) 20:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Mystic And Artist 16:25 Doncaster Sat
Nearest The Pin (IRE) 14:50 Wexford Sat
Newforge House (IRE) 17:35 Stratford Sat
Night Alliance (IRE) 14:45 Stratford Sat
Nine Iron (IRE) 17:05 Stratford Sat
No Buts 14:45 Stratford Sat
No Dominion (IRE) 16:55 Leopardstown Sat
Not A Bad Oul Day (IRE) 16:20 Leopardstown Sat
Not So Sleepy 13:50 Newbury Sat
Notarfbad (IRE) 15:20 Stratford Sat
Nueva (IRE) 14:05 Leopardstown Sat
Oasis Fantasy (IRE) 14:40 Doncaster Sat
Off Limits (IRE) 14:05 Leopardstown Sat
Ogaritmo 14:15 Stratford Sat
Oiche Mhaith Boy (IRE) 16:20 Leopardstown Sat
Oiseau de Nuit (FR) 16:45 Chepstow Sat
Old Castle Villa (IRE) 17:10 Wexford Sat
On A Pedestal (IRE) 14:05 Leopardstown Sat
On Alberts Head (IRE) 15:25 Wexford Sat
On Tour (IRE) 15:20 Stratford Sat
Open Eagle (IRE) 14:40 Doncaster Sat
Our Phylli Vera (IRE) 17:10 Newbury Sat
Our Queenie (IRE) 16:40 Newbury Sat
Outbacker (IRE) 20:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Outstanding (IRE) 14:05 Leopardstown Sat
Owens Pride (IRE) 14:20 Wexford Sat
Pantomime (IRE) 14:05 Leopardstown Sat
Papradon 14:45 Stratford Sat
Parish Business 16:15 Aintree Sat
Pas De Chapeau (IRE) 17:40 Wexford Sat
Paudi The Punter (IRE) 16:35 Wexford Sat
Penalty Scorer 17:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Penglai Pavilion (USA) 14:20 Newbury Sat
Peterkin (IRE) 15:15 Doncaster Sat
Phone Home (IRE) 14:55 Chepstow Sat
Pigeon Island 15:40 Aintree Sat
Pigeon Pie 20:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Pioneer Alexander (IRE) 14:05 Leopardstown Sat
Pirate Cove (IRE) 17:25 Leopardstown Sat
Playhara (IRE) 16:15 Aintree Sat
Poetic Verse 13:45 Stratford Sat
Poole Master 16:45 Chepstow Sat
Popeswood (IRE) 16:25 Doncaster Sat
Portamento (IRE) 14:10 Doncaster Sat
Possol (FR) 16:15 Aintree Sat
Power Up 20:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Presenting Kate (IRE) 16:35 Wexford Sat
Pretend 18:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Primo Capitano (IRE) 13:55 Chepstow Sat
Private Party (IRE) 16:20 Leopardstown Sat
Proud Chieftain 14:40 Doncaster Sat
Pyromaniac (IRE) 17:25 Leopardstown Sat
Qatea (IRE) 16:20 Leopardstown Sat
Queen Of Alba (IRE) 15:45 Leopardstown Sat
Queen Olivia 13:45 Stratford Sat
Quiz Mistress 14:20 Newbury Sat
Radmores Revenge 16:10 Chepstow Sat
Railway Rule (IRE) 15:25 Wexford Sat
Rajdhani Express 15:00 Aintree Sat
Rawaki (IRE) 14:20 Newbury Sat
Real Jazz (IRE) 20:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Rebeccas Choice (IRE) 15:20 Stratford Sat
Rebel Rebellion (IRE) 16:45 Chepstow Sat
Red Forever 19:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Red Galileo 14:20 Newbury Sat
Red Merlin (IRE) 14:00 Aintree Sat
Red Rouble (IRE) 17:15 Chepstow Sat
Red Seventy 14:15 Stratford Sat
Reedcutter 13:40 Doncaster Sat
Regal Encore (IRE) 16:10 Chepstow Sat
Regula (IRE) 17:10 Wexford Sat
Regulation (IRE) 16:30 Stratford Sat
Relentless Dreamer (IRE) 15:35 Chepstow Sat
Rene Mathis (GER) 17:00 Doncaster Sat
Restorer 15:50 Doncaster Sat
Rhamnus 17:05 Stratford Sat
River Dor (FR) 17:15 Chepstow Sat
Roberto Pegasus (USA) 14:30 Aintree Sat
Roc De Guye (FR) 14:45 Stratford Sat
Rock Of Leon 20:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Roja Dove (IRE) 13:45 Stratford Sat
Rolling Aces (IRE) 15:00 Aintree Sat
Rosie Probert 13:45 Stratford Sat
Rosies Premiere (IRE) 14:10 Doncaster Sat
Royal Chief (IRE) 16:35 Wexford Sat
Royal Navy Ship (USA) 15:10 Leopardstown Sat
Ruggero 17:05 Stratford Sat
Ruperra Tom 13:55 Chepstow Sat
Russian Punch 14:50 Newbury Sat
Ruwasi 14:40 Doncaster Sat
Sakhra 20:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Salt Island 14:10 Doncaster Sat
Saltwater Creek (IRE) 20:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Saphir River (FR) 14:30 Aintree Sat
Sarika (FR) 17:15 Chepstow Sat
Sausalito Sunrise (IRE) 14:25 Chepstow Sat
Saver 14:15 Stratford Sat
Sceal Eile (IRE) 17:40 Wexford Sat
Sea Of Blue (IRE) 16:20 Leopardstown Sat
Seas Of Green 17:35 Stratford Sat
Seas The Moment (IRE) 16:30 Stratford Sat
Sego Success (IRE) 14:25 Chepstow Sat
Selskar Abbey (USA) 14:35 Leopardstown Sat
Serenity Now (IRE) 16:30 Stratford Sat
Sergeant Mattie (IRE) 16:50 Aintree Sat
Shabra Charity (IRE) 16:35 Wexford Sat
Shackled N Drawn (USA) 18:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Shadagann (IRE) 17:25 Leopardstown Sat
Shades Of Grey 17:10 Newbury Sat
Shagah (IRE) 14:50 Newbury Sat
Shammick Boy (IRE) 16:10 Chepstow Sat
Sheilas Wish (IRE) 17:25 Leopardstown Sat
Shelford (IRE) 16:10 Chepstow Sat
Shifting Moon 16:05 Newbury Sat
Shot In The Sun (IRE) 17:30 Doncaster Sat
Show Boat 18:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Silver Rainbow (IRE) 14:50 Newbury Sat
Silverware (USA) 18:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Silvery Moon (IRE) 15:30 Newbury Sat
Simple Joys 17:10 Wexford Sat
Simply Black (IRE) 19:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Sir Guy Porteous (IRE) 18:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Sir Mangan (IRE) 16:50 Aintree Sat
Sky Hunter 14:20 Newbury Sat
Sky Steps (IRE) 17:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Skytrain 19:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Sleepy Sioux 15:15 Doncaster Sat
Smaih (GER) 13:50 Newbury Sat
Smoker 16:55 Leopardstown Sat
Smooth And Mellow (IRE) 17:40 Wexford Sat
Snoano 15:50 Doncaster Sat
Solway Sam 16:15 Aintree Sat
Somerby (IRE) 17:15 Chepstow Sat
Somethingprecious (IRE) 16:00 Wexford Sat
Son Du Berlais (FR) 15:35 Chepstow Sat
Songsmith 15:20 Stratford Sat
Spanish Boots (IRE) 14:20 Wexford Sat
Sparbrook (IRE) 17:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Spas Dancer (IRE) 15:30 Newbury Sat
Special Venture (IRE) 16:25 Doncaster Sat
Specific Gravity (FR) 16:55 Leopardstown Sat
Spirit Of Shankly 14:30 Aintree Sat
Springinherstep (IRE) 13:45 Stratford Sat
Stafford Charlie 17:15 Chepstow Sat
Star Anise 20:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Star Fire 18:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Starlet (IRE) 15:45 Leopardstown Sat
Starwatch 15:30 Newbury Sat
Steip Amach (IRE) 15:10 Leopardstown Sat
Steps (IRE) 15:15 Doncaster Sat
Steuben (GER) 17:25 Leopardstown Sat
Stonehall Vic (IRE) 14:20 Wexford Sat
Stosur (IRE) 16:40 Newbury Sat
Stoughan Cross (IRE) 16:35 Wexford Sat
Strandfield Lady (IRE) 17:25 Leopardstown Sat
Sulki Rose (IRE) 17:10 Wexford Sat
Sun Odyssey 16:05 Newbury Sat
Sunrise J (IRE) 17:25 Leopardstown Sat
Supreme Hope (IRE) 17:40 Wexford Sat
Sweet Charlie 20:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Sweet Dream 14:50 Newbury Sat
Sweet Selection 16:05 Newbury Sat
Sweet Sylvia (IRE) 17:10 Wexford Sat
Swordfight (IRE) 16:20 Leopardstown Sat
Syros (IRE) 13:40 Doncaster Sat
Table Tips (IRE) 17:40 Wexford Sat
Tachophobia 16:25 Doncaster Sat
Taigan (FR) 14:30 Aintree Sat
Taken Twice (IRE) 16:35 Wexford Sat
Tanneron (IRE) 14:05 Leopardstown Sat
Tantamount 14:30 Aintree Sat
Taroum (IRE) 17:35 Stratford Sat
Tarvini (IRE) 16:15 Aintree Sat
Taste The Wine (IRE) 15:20 Stratford Sat
Tayma (IRE) 20:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Tee It Up Tommo (IRE) 19:15 Wolverhampton Sat
Teoleena (IRE) 17:25 Leopardstown Sat
The Amarillo Kid (IRE) 14:50 Wexford Sat
The Bold Beckey (IRE) 16:35 Wexford Sat
The Fitz Lady (IRE) 17:10 Wexford Sat
The Flying Column (IRE) 16:30 Stratford Sat
The Fox Tully (IRE) 17:25 Leopardstown Sat
The Great Gabrial 18:45 Wolverhampton Sat
The Madding Crowd 16:05 Newbury Sat
The Pirates Queen (IRE) 15:35 Chepstow Sat
The Quarterjack 17:10 Newbury Sat
The Road Ahead 16:15 Aintree Sat
The Tempest 14:05 Leopardstown Sat
Them And Us (IRE) 16:25 Doncaster Sat
Theophilus (IRE) 15:45 Leopardstown Sat
Thepartysover 16:35 Wexford Sat
Thinger Licht (FR) 14:55 Chepstow Sat
Three Bells (IRE) 16:55 Leopardstown Sat
Tiger Twenty Two 13:40 Doncaster Sat
Time To Remember (IRE) 16:20 Leopardstown Sat
Timesawastin (IRE) 14:45 Stratford Sat
Timesremembered (IRE) 16:50 Aintree Sat
Tisamystery (IRE) 14:50 Wexford Sat
Todareistodo 14:55 Chepstow Sat
Tokyo Javilex (FR) 14:55 Chepstow Sat
Tomorrow Morning (IRE) 16:20 Leopardstown Sat
Tonis A Star 17:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Top Notch Tonto (IRE) 17:00 Doncaster Sat
Toretto (IRE) 16:35 Wexford Sat
Trojan Valley (IRE) 17:40 Wexford Sat
Tudor City (IRE) 14:35 Leopardstown Sat
Tullyraine (IRE) 16:15 Aintree Sat
Tulpar (IRE) 14:20 Wexford Sat
Tupi (IRE) 15:50 Doncaster Sat
Turtle Cask (IRE) 17:25 Aintree Sat
Tuskar Rock (FR) 17:15 Chepstow Sat
Two Smart 17:30 Doncaster Sat
Tynaghs Trooper (IRE) 17:10 Wexford Sat
Umberto Dolivate (FR) 16:45 Chepstow Sat
Unidexter (IRE) 14:15 Stratford Sat
Unsinkable (IRE) 16:55 Leopardstown Sat
Upsilon Bleu (FR) 16:45 Chepstow Sat
Urtheoneiwant (IRE) 16:00 Wexford Sat
Uxizandre (FR) 15:00 Aintree Sat
Vaihau (FR) 17:05 Stratford Sat
Valdez 16:45 Chepstow Sat
Vector Force (IRE) 16:55 Leopardstown Sat
Vertige Dore (FR) 17:35 Stratford Sat
Vicente (FR) 15:35 Chepstow Sat
Vieux Lion Rouge (FR) 16:10 Chepstow Sat
Viva Colonia (IRE) 15:00 Aintree Sat
Viva Verglas (IRE) 15:15 Doncaster Sat
Volcanic 16:50 Aintree Sat
Vote Often 15:45 Leopardstown Sat
Wadswick Court (IRE) 14:00 Aintree Sat
Wakanda (IRE) 16:50 Aintree Sat
Wandering Star 17:25 Leopardstown Sat
Well Shake Hands (FR) 13:40 Doncaster Sat
What About Harry (IRE) 14:20 Wexford Sat
Wheelavher 15:55 Stratford Sat
When Will It End (IRE) 16:25 Doncaster Sat
Whip Up A Frenzy (IRE) 16:20 Leopardstown Sat
Whozthecat (IRE) 18:45 Wolverhampton Sat
Winsor Royal (IRE) 16:20 Leopardstown Sat
Wishfull Thinking 15:00 Aintree Sat
Withernsea (IRE) 13:40 Doncaster Sat
Wizards Bridge 13:55 Chepstow Sat
Zannda (IRE) 14:05 Leopardstown Sat
Zigzaga (IRE) 17:15 Chepstow Sat
Zorba The Greek 14:35 Leopardstown Sat

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