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Prairie Meadows 19:00
1st Bahama Rum Punch (USA)
2nd Western Spirit (USA)
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19:25 Woodbine
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19:26 Prairie Meadows
19:30 Remington Park
Today's Declared Runners

Last Updated: 20-04-2014 07:03:37

A Grey Matter (IRE) 15:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Abbey Lane (IRE) 17:00 Cork Sun
About Time Thomas (IRE) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Act Your Shoe Size 15:05 Musselburgh Sun
Al Amaan 14:55 Plumpton Sun
Aladdins Cave 15:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Alex My Boy (IRE) 16:05 Musselburgh Sun
Alfraamsey 15:55 Plumpton Sun
All The Chimneys (IRE) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Allied Victory (IRE) 16:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Ally Cascade (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Alwasey (IRE) 17:30 Cork Sun
Amis Reunis 17:05 Musselburgh Sun
Andiamos (IRE) 16:00 Cork Sun
Andiamu (FR) 16:25 Plumpton Sun
Annie Anshan (IRE) 15:00 Cork Sun
Another For Joe 15:05 Musselburgh Sun
Anwyl House 17:15 Towcester Sun
Ariahey (USA) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Arkose (IRE) 15:45 Towcester Sun
Arquebusier (FR) 14:30 Cork Sun
Art Of Payroll (GER) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Arthamint 17:15 Towcester Sun
Asockastar (IRE) 15:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Ata Boy (IRE) 16:55 Plumpton Sun
Azabitmour (FR) 16:25 Plumpton Sun
Back Off Mate (IRE) 16:00 Cork Sun
Badb Catha (IRE) 16:15 Towcester Sun
Badgerfort (IRE) 17:30 Cork Sun
Baidin Fheilimi (IRE) 16:00 Cork Sun
Bajan Rebel 16:35 Musselburgh Sun
Balalika (IRE) 15:00 Cork Sun
Balinaboola Prince (IRE) 17:30 Cork Sun
Bally Lagan (IRE) 14:45 Towcester Sun
Bally Longford (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Ballycasey (IRE) 16:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Ballylifen (IRE) 15:45 Towcester Sun
Ballyvoneen (IRE) 14:55 Plumpton Sun
Bapak Pesta (IRE) 14:05 Musselburgh Sun
Barossa Pearl (IRE) 17:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Barren Hill (IRE) 17:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Beautiful Stranger 16:35 Musselburgh Sun
Bedouin Bay 17:25 Plumpton Sun
Belmount (IRE) 17:45 Towcester Sun
Benemeade (IRE) 16:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Benrouge (IRE) 15:30 Cork Sun
Bert The Alert 16:25 Plumpton Sun
Bishopslough (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Bit Of A Clown (IRE) 16:55 Plumpton Sun
Black Spot On (IRE) 15:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Black Zero (IRE) 15:30 Cork Sun
Blacklough (IRE) 16:00 Cork Sun
Blazing West (IRE) 15:00 Cork Sun
Blue Hell (FR) 15:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Bold Conquest (IRE) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Bollin Judith 15:15 Towcester Sun
Borguy (FR) 17:15 Towcester Sun
Bridgequarter Girl (IRE) 16:00 Cork Sun
Bright Abbey 15:35 Musselburgh Sun
Bright Decision 16:15 Towcester Sun
Bright New Dawn (IRE) 16:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Brigstock Seabra 17:45 Towcester Sun
Broadway Symphony (IRE) 14:15 Towcester Sun
Buckontupence (IRE) 16:45 Towcester Sun
Bulfin Island (IRE) 17:45 Towcester Sun
Buzz Law (IRE) 14:05 Musselburgh Sun
By The Boardwalk (IRE) 16:45 Towcester Sun
Cailin Golan (IRE) 15:00 Cork Sun
Caim Hill (IRE) 16:30 Cork Sun
Caledonia 15:35 Musselburgh Sun
Calgacus (IRE) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Call of Duty (IRE) 14:05 Musselburgh Sun
Captain Hox (IRE) 17:30 Cork Sun
Carlowsantana (IRE) 15:30 Cork Sun
Carrigeen Lechuga (IRE) 16:30 Cork Sun
Cash In Hand (IRE) 16:15 Towcester Sun
Casimir Road (IRE) 15:30 Cork Sun
Cassells Rock (IRE) 15:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Catimini (IRE) 15:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Celtic Monarch (IRE) 16:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Chasing Waterfalls (IRE) 17:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Chicago Alley 14:45 Towcester Sun
Chill In The Wood 17:15 Towcester Sun
Classic Art 14:25 Plumpton Sun
Classic Orange 16:05 Musselburgh Sun
Clounts Meadows (IRE) 17:30 Cork Sun
Coffee (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Colleen Bawn (FR) 15:00 Cork Sun
Colms Dream (IRE) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Come On Lulu 14:35 Musselburgh Sun
Commandable (AUS) 17:05 Musselburgh Sun
Conducting 16:25 Plumpton Sun
Confidential Creek 17:05 Musselburgh Sun
Coolmill (IRE) 16:00 Cork Sun
Corton Lad 15:35 Musselburgh Sun
Couldhavehaditall (IRE) 16:45 Towcester Sun
Counting House (IRE) 15:45 Towcester Sun
Courtncatcher (IRE) 16:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Cresswell Breeze 17:45 Towcester Sun
Cristys Call (IRE) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Croco Mister (IRE) 14:45 Towcester Sun
Curragh Dancer (FR) 14:55 Plumpton Sun
Cyflymder (IRE) 14:05 Musselburgh Sun
Dahteste 14:25 Plumpton Sun
Dakota Fred (IRE) 17:30 Cork Sun
Dan Breen (IRE) 15:55 Plumpton Sun
Dancing Cosmos (IRE) 15:05 Musselburgh Sun
Daneking 15:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Danequest (IRE) 15:30 Cork Sun
Danners (IRE) 15:45 Towcester Sun
Danvinnie 17:45 Towcester Sun
Dark And Dangerous (IRE) 15:25 Plumpton Sun
Dark Crystal 16:35 Musselburgh Sun
Darwins Fox (FR) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Dawerann (IRE) 16:00 Cork Sun
Dawns Bach (IRE) 15:00 Cork Sun
Definitely Glad (IRE) 15:15 Towcester Sun
Desert Colours 16:35 Musselburgh Sun
Desertmore Stream (IRE) 15:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Dick Dundee 16:00 Cork Sun
Dildar (IRE) 15:55 Plumpton Sun
Divine Rhapsody (IRE) 16:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Dont Touch It (IRE) 17:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Dr Irv 15:35 Musselburgh Sun
Dromnea (IRE) 16:00 Cork Sun
Dutsdale Dawn (IRE) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Easter Hunt (IRE) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Easter Lad 17:25 Plumpton Sun
Ebazan (USA) 15:30 Cork Sun
Echo Of Lightning 14:05 Musselburgh Sun
Ellie Mia (IRE) 15:00 Cork Sun
Ellnando Queen 14:25 Plumpton Sun
Emperor Of Exmoor (IRE) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Endofdiscusion (IRE) 16:15 Towcester Sun
Entihaa 15:35 Musselburgh Sun
Epee Celeste (FR) 15:15 Towcester Sun
Etania 15:15 Towcester Sun
Eutropius (IRE) 15:05 Musselburgh Sun
False Economy (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Federici 17:00 Cork Sun
Feina Ben Feta (IRE) 15:00 Cork Sun
Fergall (IRE) 15:55 Plumpton Sun
Festival Opera (IRE) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Fine Moment 15:15 Towcester Sun
Fingers Crossed (IRE) 17:45 Towcester Sun
Flatfoot Boogie (FR) 16:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Florida Beat 14:15 Towcester Sun
Flowerpicker (IRE) 15:00 Cork Sun
Flugzeug 16:55 Plumpton Sun
Foot Soldier (IRE) 16:00 Cork Sun
Forever Gold (IRE) 16:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Franco Is My Name 16:25 Plumpton Sun
Furacano (IRE) 15:00 Cork Sun
Gainsboroughs Art (IRE) 14:45 Towcester Sun
Generous Bob 17:25 Plumpton Sun
Get Ready To Go (IRE) 16:55 Plumpton Sun
Ghareer (IRE) 15:30 Cork Sun
Going Grey (IRE) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Golanbrook (IRE) 17:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Gold Patrol (IRE) 16:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Gotadime (IRE) 17:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Graces Benefit (IRE) 15:00 Cork Sun
Grand Article (IRE) 14:45 Towcester Sun
Green Bank (IRE) 15:45 Towcester Sun
Green Hackle (IRE) 16:15 Towcester Sun
Greenhead High 17:05 Musselburgh Sun
Gun Shy (IRE) 14:25 Plumpton Sun
Gurteen Flyer (IRE) 15:30 Cork Sun
Haames (IRE) 16:05 Musselburgh Sun
Handsome Buddy (IRE) 16:15 Towcester Sun
Harlequins Gleams 16:25 Plumpton Sun
Hash Brown (IRE) 17:30 Cork Sun
Heading To First 16:25 Plumpton Sun
Here Now And Why (IRE) 17:05 Musselburgh Sun
Heros Call 16:15 Towcester Sun
High Net Worth 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
High Office 15:35 Musselburgh Sun
Hinton Indiana 16:55 Plumpton Sun
Hisaabaat (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Hollins 15:45 Towcester Sun
Honest Rodge (IRE) 17:30 Cork Sun
Hospital (IRE) 16:00 Cork Sun
House Limit (IRE) 15:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Hurler And Farmer (IRE) 15:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Hurricane Jojo (IRE) 15:30 Cork Sun
Ichimoku 17:05 Musselburgh Sun
Iggy 17:05 Musselburgh Sun
Imshivalla (IRE) 16:35 Musselburgh Sun
Indiefront 14:15 Towcester Sun
Insaany 14:35 Musselburgh Sun
Is Herself About (IRE) 17:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Jazz Man (IRE) 17:25 Plumpton Sun
Jimmy Two Times (IRE) 16:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Jolly Boys Outing (IRE) 15:45 Towcester Sun
Jordaura 15:05 Musselburgh Sun
Joshua The First 14:05 Musselburgh Sun
Joxer (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Jubilee Year (IRE) 15:30 Cork Sun
June French (FR) 15:25 Plumpton Sun
Just Call Me () 14:30 Cork Sun
Karaka Jack 15:05 Musselburgh Sun
Karlidi (USA) 14:30 Cork Sun
Keiths Delight (IRE) 15:00 Cork Sun
Kelvin (IRE) 14:30 Cork Sun
Kilkishen (IRE) 17:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Kims Dream (IRE) 15:10 Fairyhouse Sun
King Leon (IRE) 17:30 Cork Sun
King Muro 14:15 Towcester Sun
King Of Oriel (IRE) 15:10 Fairyhouse Sun
King of The Picts (IRE) 15:35 Musselburgh Sun
Kingsfold Flare 17:25 Plumpton Sun
Knights Parade (IRE) 14:30 Cork Sun
Kylestyle (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Le Deluge (FR) 15:05 Musselburgh Sun
Le Pergolese (FR) 16:15 Towcester Sun
Leah Claire (IRE) 16:00 Cork Sun
Leave At Dawn (IRE) 14:30 Cork Sun
Leeroar (IRE) 16:55 Plumpton Sun
Leith Hill Legasi 17:25 Plumpton Sun
Lenora (IRE) 15:00 Cork Sun
Less Time (IRE) 14:15 Towcester Sun
Lets Celebrate (IRE) 16:00 Cork Sun
Leviathan 15:55 Plumpton Sun
Lexington Blue 16:25 Plumpton Sun
Libertys Gift (IRE) 17:00 Cork Sun
Libran (IRE) 14:35 Musselburgh Sun
Lilly Of The Moor 16:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Lily Little Legs (IRE) 16:45 Towcester Sun
Lisahane Bog 17:25 Plumpton Sun
Lisas Legacy 14:30 Cork Sun
Little Eli 17:05 Musselburgh Sun
Little King Robin (IRE) 15:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Little Roxy (IRE) 17:25 Plumpton Sun
Lizs Destruval (IRE) 16:30 Cork Sun
Lizzys Dream 17:05 Musselburgh Sun
Local Hero (GER) 15:55 Plumpton Sun
Lonan (IRE) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Looks Like Slim 15:25 Plumpton Sun
Lord Franklin 15:05 Musselburgh Sun
Lord Valentine 17:30 Cork Sun
Lots Of Memories (IRE) 16:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Love On Top (IRE) 16:00 Cork Sun
Lughnasa (IRE) 16:00 Cork Sun
Maccabees 17:25 Plumpton Sun
Macs Grey (IRE) 15:25 Plumpton Sun
Magical Moon 15:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Maid Of The Glens (IRE) 14:35 Musselburgh Sun
Make A Fuss 16:25 Plumpton Sun
Mallowney (IRE) 17:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Marie Deja La (FR) 17:25 Plumpton Sun
Mariet 17:25 Plumpton Sun
Marju King (IRE) 17:25 Plumpton Sun
Marshim (IRE) 15:30 Cork Sun
Massena (IRE) 14:15 Towcester Sun
Master Malt 14:15 Towcester Sun
Masterofdeception (IRE) 15:30 Cork Sun
Max Laurie (FR) 16:15 Towcester Sun
Medinah Gold (IRE) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Merton View (IRE) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Midnight Game 15:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Midnight Warrior 14:05 Musselburgh Sun
Minellaforlunch (IRE) 14:45 Towcester Sun
Minnie Mustang 17:45 Towcester Sun
Miradane 15:30 Cork Sun
Molly Cat 16:05 Musselburgh Sun
Moneymix 14:55 Plumpton Sun
Mont Royale 17:15 Towcester Sun
Monte Wildhorn (IRE) 15:30 Cork Sun
Moon Dice (IRE) 16:00 Cork Sun
Moon Racer (IRE) 17:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Moorhill Lad (IRE) 15:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Morga (IRE) 15:00 Cork Sun
Moscow Mule 14:45 Towcester Sun
Motown Bob (IRE) 17:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Mount Brandon (IRE) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Mount Gunnery 15:30 Cork Sun
Mowhoob 14:05 Musselburgh Sun
Mozoltov 16:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Mr Chocolate Drop (IRE) 14:05 Musselburgh Sun
Mr Maynard 14:15 Towcester Sun
Mr Robinson (FR) 14:45 Towcester Sun
My Guardian Angel 15:55 Plumpton Sun
My Manekineko 14:05 Musselburgh Sun
Nancy Belle (IRE) 14:30 Cork Sun
Nearest The Pin (IRE) 17:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Ned Buntline 17:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Ned Stark (IRE) 16:45 Towcester Sun
New Tarabela 16:05 Musselburgh Sun
New World 17:30 Cork Sun
Night Moon (IRE) 17:30 Cork Sun
Noble Prince (GER) 16:30 Cork Sun
Nomadic Storm 15:25 Plumpton Sun
Nurse Ryan (IRE) 16:00 Cork Sun
O Maonlai (IRE) 15:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Off The Charts 16:10 Fairyhouse Sun
On My Own (IRE) 15:30 Cork Sun
One Cool Boy (IRE) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Oscar Buzz (IRE) 15:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Our Alana (IRE) 17:30 Cork Sun
Our Katie (IRE) 16:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Our Man Zebo (IRE) 16:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Paddyfrommenlo (IRE) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Pass Muster 15:35 Musselburgh Sun
Passage Vendome (FR) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Pavers Star 17:05 Musselburgh Sun
Pennies And Pounds 16:45 Towcester Sun
Peoples Park (IRE) 15:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Perfect Words (IRE) 14:05 Musselburgh Sun
Petite Madame (IRE) 16:05 Musselburgh Sun
Pivot Bridge 15:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Poetree In Motion 14:35 Musselburgh Sun
Pollywollydoodle (IRE) 16:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Prima Vista 17:00 Cork Sun
Princess Rose 16:35 Musselburgh Sun
Princeton Plains (IRE) 17:00 Cork Sun
Pumbaa (IRE) 15:30 Cork Sun
Queen Of The Stage (IRE) 17:15 Towcester Sun
Quigleys Express (IRE) 17:00 Cork Sun
Rafi De Triana (FR) 17:00 Cork Sun
Rebel Fitz (FR) 16:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Red Charmer (IRE) 15:05 Musselburgh Sun
Red House Hill (IRE) 14:30 Cork Sun
Red Lover 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Redhotandcool (IRE) 17:30 Cork Sun
Redinga 14:25 Plumpton Sun
Regal One (IRE) 15:25 Plumpton Sun
Regiment 16:35 Musselburgh Sun
Rendezvous Peak 16:45 Towcester Sun
Revouge 16:45 Towcester Sun
Rightdownthemiddle (IRE) 16:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Road To Riches (IRE) 17:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Roberto Pegasus (USA) 14:15 Towcester Sun
Rock On Rachel (IRE) 15:00 Cork Sun
Rock The World (IRE) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Rock This Town (IRE) 17:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Rossoneri (IRE) 16:45 Towcester Sun
Roys Legacy 17:05 Musselburgh Sun
Rubyminx 16:45 Towcester Sun
Rufino (IRE) 17:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Ryansbrook (IRE) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Sailors Warn (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Saint Jerome (IRE) 15:55 Plumpton Sun
San Gabriel (IRE) 14:30 Cork Sun
Sarah Lassie (IRE) 17:30 Cork Sun
Saxonette 17:05 Musselburgh Sun
Say It Again (IRE) 16:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Scamaill Liath (IRE) 15:00 Cork Sun
Scamall Dubh (IRE) 14:30 Cork Sun
Sea Light (IRE) 16:00 Cork Sun
Seacon Beg (IRE) 17:15 Towcester Sun
Secret Seven (USA) 14:30 Cork Sun
Seeyouallincoppers (IRE) 15:30 Cork Sun
Shalamzar (FR) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Shanliss (IRE) 15:00 Cork Sun
Shantou Breeze (IRE) 14:55 Plumpton Sun
Shantou Flyer (IRE) 14:30 Cork Sun
Shemshal (FR) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Shes Noble 17:25 Plumpton Sun
Silver Shuffle (IRE) 15:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Simple Joys 14:30 Cork Sun
Sinour (IRE) 14:30 Cork Sun
Sir Frank Morgan (IRE) 15:35 Musselburgh Sun
Sir Guy Porteous (IRE) 16:35 Musselburgh Sun
Sir Scorpion (IRE) 17:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Some Officer (IRE) 16:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Sort It Out (IRE) 16:00 Cork Sun
Spacious Sky (USA) 15:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Spartilla 16:25 Plumpton Sun
Specialagent Alfie 15:55 Plumpton Sun
Spin Artist (USA) 15:05 Musselburgh Sun
Sportsreport (IRE) 14:55 Plumpton Sun
Spring Bird 17:05 Musselburgh Sun
Starkie 17:00 Cork Sun
Starry Knight (IRE) 17:30 Cork Sun
Stay In My Heart (IRE) 17:25 Plumpton Sun
Steps To Freedom (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Stiff Upper Lip (IRE) 14:15 Towcester Sun
Stocktons Wing (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Street Party 14:30 Cork Sun
Sub Lieutenant (IRE) 17:30 Cork Sun
Supreme Doc (IRE) 16:30 Cork Sun
Swehan (IRE) 15:05 Musselburgh Sun
Tabac Brun (FR) 16:00 Cork Sun
Tadalavil 17:05 Musselburgh Sun
Tanner Hill (IRE) 16:45 Towcester Sun
Tapaidh Frankie (IRE) 17:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Tawseef (IRE) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Taxiformissbyron 14:05 Musselburgh Sun
Ted Spread 15:55 Plumpton Sun
Thanks In Advance (IRE) 17:30 Cork Sun
The Black Devil (IRE) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
The Cookie Jar (IRE) 17:00 Cork Sun
The Geegeez Geegee (IRE) 17:15 Towcester Sun
The Green Ogre 15:55 Plumpton Sun
The Informant 15:25 Plumpton Sun
The Job Is Right 16:10 Fairyhouse Sun
The King Of Brega (IRE) 16:10 Fairyhouse Sun
The Plan Man (IRE) 14:30 Cork Sun
The Purchaser (IRE) 16:45 Towcester Sun
The Selector 14:25 Plumpton Sun
Thedrinkymeister (IRE) 17:45 Towcester Sun
Thekingofconnemara (IRE) 17:30 Cork Sun
Thunder And Roses (IRE) 16:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Tiffany Bay (IRE) 16:35 Musselburgh Sun
Tigridia (IRE) 14:25 Plumpton Sun
Tinelyra (IRE) 14:45 Towcester Sun
To Choose (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Toner DOudairies (FR) 16:30 Cork Sun
Too Straight (IRE) 15:30 Cork Sun
Top Cat Henry (IRE) 17:00 Cork Sun
Top Show 16:45 Towcester Sun
Tracking Time 14:15 Towcester Sun
Trainspotting 14:30 Cork Sun
Truly Genius (IRE) 15:30 Cork Sun
Trust Me Boy 14:15 Towcester Sun
Tulsa Jack (IRE) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Turcagua (FR) 17:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Turoyal (FR) 16:45 Towcester Sun
Twelve Strings (IRE) 15:35 Musselburgh Sun
Tycoon Prince (IRE) 17:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Typhon De Guye (FR) 16:15 Towcester Sun
Tzora 15:55 Plumpton Sun
Ultra Klass (FR) 16:15 Towcester Sun
Undressed (FR) 17:30 Cork Sun
Unex Modigliani (IRE) 16:25 Plumpton Sun
Upstager (IRE) 16:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Urano (FR) 16:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Verve Argent (FR) 17:15 Towcester Sun
Volio Vincente (FR) 16:55 Plumpton Sun
Vulcanite (IRE) 15:55 Plumpton Sun
Wah Wah Taysee (IRE) 16:55 Plumpton Sun
Warrantor (IRE) 17:15 Towcester Sun
Well Insured (IRE) 15:30 Cork Sun
Wicklow Gold (FR) 16:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Wilberdragon 17:45 Towcester Sun
Wooly Tom (IRE) 15:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Wounded Warrior (IRE) 16:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Xenophon 16:15 Towcester Sun
Youngdocgallagher (IRE) 17:45 Towcester Sun
Your Busy (IRE) 16:30 Cork Sun
Zaitsev (IRE) 15:05 Musselburgh Sun
Zarzal (IRE) 15:55 Plumpton Sun
Zeftan (IRE) 14:40 Fairyhouse Sun
Zigger Zagger (IRE) 15:10 Fairyhouse Sun
Zigzaga (IRE) 16:55 Plumpton Sun

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