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Remington Park 03:44
1st Shut The Gate (USA)
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3rd Shesa Spicey Cat (USA)
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HSH Princess Charlene Of Monaco Maiden Plate
11:10 Kenilworth
Welcome To Kenilworth Racecourse Maiden Plate
11:25 Turffontein
HSH Princess Charlene Of Monaco Maiden Plate
Today's Declared Runners

Last Updated: 01-11-2014 07:47:50

Action Master 15:40 Down Royal Sat
Air Pilot 14:35 Newmarket Sat
Al Muheer (IRE) 16:15 Newmarket Sat
Alizee De Janeiro (FR) 13:05 Ayr Sat
Amazing Blue Sky 12:55 Wetherby Sat
Another Bill (IRE) 16:30 Ayr Sat
Another Rattler (IRE) 13:20 Down Royal Sat
Ardkilly Witness (IRE) 15:35 Ascot Sat
Ardmay (IRE) 12:55 Wetherby Sat
Ardnahoe (IRE) 13:05 Ayr Sat
Art Of Payroll (GER) 13:55 Down Royal Sat
At Fishers Cross (IRE) 14:40 Wetherby Sat
Atan (IRE) 12:45 Down Royal Sat
Attention Seaker 12:55 Wetherby Sat
Aughavilly Sam (IRE) 16:10 Down Royal Sat
Aurore Destruval (FR) 14:05 Wetherby Sat
Authinger (IRE) 15:25 Ayr Sat
Bajardo (IRE) 13:15 Ascot Sat
Ballyben (IRE) 14:50 Ayr Sat
Ballycool (IRE) 13:40 Ayr Sat
Baltic Knight (IRE) 15:10 Newmarket Sat
Bancnuanaheireann (IRE) 14:00 Newmarket Sat
Baradari (IRE) 15:00 Ascot Sat
Barossa Pearl (IRE) 13:20 Down Royal Sat
Batchelors Walk (IRE) 12:45 Down Royal Sat
Baths Well (IRE) 16:05 Ascot Sat
Bay Hill (IRE) 12:45 Down Royal Sat
Belle Of The Moor (IRE) 16:10 Down Royal Sat
Bellenos (FR) 14:20 Ascot Sat
Benidorm 12:55 Wetherby Sat
Benissimo (IRE) 13:15 Ascot Sat
Bertie Milan (IRE) 14:50 Ayr Sat
Bescot Springs (IRE) 14:15 Ayr Sat
Bishara (USA) 12:20 Newmarket Sat
Bitter Lake (USA) 13:25 Newmarket Sat
Black Thunder (FR) 15:35 Ascot Sat
Blakemount (IRE) 16:20 Wetherby Sat
Bobs Lady Tamure 13:05 Ayr Sat
Bonne Fee 14:05 Wetherby Sat
Boom And Bust (IRE) 15:10 Newmarket Sat
Boston Bob (IRE) 14:30 Down Royal Sat
Bracing 13:05 Ayr Sat
Brick Layer 12:55 Wetherby Sat
Brigliadoro (IRE) 16:15 Newmarket Sat
Bronze Angel (IRE) 15:10 Newmarket Sat
Broughtons Warrior 12:40 Ascot Sat
Buckontupence (IRE) 12:40 Ascot Sat
Burn And Turn (IRE) 15:05 Down Royal Sat
Ca Le Ferra (FR) 16:30 Ayr Sat
Canova (IRE) 12:45 Down Royal Sat
Cantlow (IRE) 15:35 Ascot Sat
Captain Brown 16:00 Ayr Sat
Carlingford Lough (IRE) 15:05 Down Royal Sat
Carlos Fandango (IRE) 13:40 Ayr Sat
Changeofluck (IRE) 12:40 Ascot Sat
Chapel Hall (IRE) 16:05 Ascot Sat
Chase The Wind (IRE) 15:50 Wetherby Sat
Chieftains Choice (IRE) 12:55 Wetherby Sat
Chiswick Bey (IRE) 15:45 Newmarket Sat
Christopher Wren (USA) 14:20 Ascot Sat
Circus Star (USA) 16:00 Ayr Sat
City of Doral 15:40 Down Royal Sat
Claret Cloak (IRE) 14:20 Ascot Sat
Clondaw Banker (IRE) 13:15 Ascot Sat
Cloudante (IRE) 14:05 Wetherby Sat
Cocktails At Dawn 13:45 Ascot Sat
Cole Harden (IRE) 14:40 Wetherby Sat
Colour Party (IRE) 12:20 Newmarket Sat
Comrade Bond 16:15 Newmarket Sat
Cookie Ring (IRE) 12:45 Down Royal Sat
Cooking Fat 16:30 Ayr Sat
Cool Baranca (GER) 16:00 Ayr Sat
Coup De Grace (IRE) 12:40 Ascot Sat
Crew Cut (IRE) 15:45 Newmarket Sat
Cusheen Bridge (IRE) 12:40 Ascot Sat
Dai Bando (IRE) 12:45 Down Royal Sat
Dairy Herd (IRE) 16:10 Down Royal Sat
Danielles Journey 16:10 Down Royal Sat
Dark Dune (IRE) 13:30 Wetherby Sat
Dark Wave 12:50 Newmarket Sat
Dawalan (FR) 15:00 Ascot Sat
Definite Dream (IRE) 15:25 Ayr Sat
Desilvano 16:05 Ascot Sat
Devonshire Place (IRE) 12:20 Newmarket Sat
Diddy Eric 12:55 Wetherby Sat
Dimple (FR) 16:30 Ayr Sat
Doing Fine (IRE) 16:20 Wetherby Sat
Dollar And A Dream (IRE) 13:20 Down Royal Sat
Don Cossack (GER) 15:05 Down Royal Sat
Donncha (IRE) 14:00 Newmarket Sat
Double Ross (IRE) 15:15 Wetherby Sat
Dr Irv 12:55 Wetherby Sat
Dream Job 12:20 Newmarket Sat
Dream Walker (FR) 14:00 Newmarket Sat
Dreamland (IRE) 16:10 Down Royal Sat
Earls Quarter (IRE) 15:50 Wetherby Sat
Educate 14:35 Newmarket Sat
Embsay Crag 15:50 Wetherby Sat
Emell 15:10 Newmarket Sat
Emily Gray (IRE) 14:05 Wetherby Sat
Empire Levant (USA) 13:55 Down Royal Sat
Encore Lamour 13:25 Newmarket Sat
Enumerater (IRE) 16:10 Down Royal Sat
Exceedwell 12:20 Newmarket Sat
Excellent Guest 14:00 Newmarket Sat
Exchequer (IRE) 14:00 Newmarket Sat
Fairy Princess 16:05 Ascot Sat
Fast Decision (IRE) 13:20 Down Royal Sat
Fethard Player (IRE) 13:55 Down Royal Sat
Fire Ship 15:10 Newmarket Sat
First Lieutenant (IRE) 14:30 Down Royal Sat
Fisher 16:00 Ayr Sat
French Navy 15:10 Newmarket Sat
Frenzified 12:20 Newmarket Sat
Fruits Of Glory (IRE) 13:20 Down Royal Sat
Gabrial The Great (IRE) 12:55 Wetherby Sat
Garrahalish (IRE) 13:45 Ascot Sat
Generous Ransom (IRE) 13:45 Ascot Sat
Gerdago (IRE) 13:55 Down Royal Sat
Get Me Out Of Here (IRE) 15:00 Ascot Sat
Gevrey Chambertin (FR) 15:35 Ascot Sat
Ginger Jack 14:00 Newmarket Sat
Gladiator King (IRE) 16:10 Down Royal Sat
Glenmoreangie (IRE) 13:20 Down Royal Sat
Gold Chain (IRE) 14:05 Wetherby Sat
Good Authority (IRE) 16:15 Newmarket Sat
Grandads Horse 15:35 Ascot Sat
Hallings Comet 13:30 Wetherby Sat
Harrys Whim 13:40 Ayr Sat
Hear The Chimes 13:15 Ascot Sat
Higgs Boson 14:15 Ayr Sat
High Expectations (FR) 12:45 Down Royal Sat
Hootie (IRE) 13:20 Down Royal Sat
Hope For Glory 12:55 Wetherby Sat
Hopefull 13:05 Ayr Sat
I Am Who I Am 13:05 Ayr Sat
Illuminati (FR) 16:10 Down Royal Sat
Impressive Duke (IRE) 12:45 Down Royal Sat
Irish Rookie (IRE) 13:25 Newmarket Sat
Isaacstown Lad (IRE) 14:15 Ayr Sat
Its A Mans World 13:30 Wetherby Sat
Ixelles Diamond (IRE) 15:45 Newmarket Sat
Jammy Guest (IRE) 15:45 Newmarket Sat
Jennys Melody (IRE) 13:05 Ayr Sat
Jollys Cracked It (FR) 13:15 Ascot Sat
Kakatosi 16:15 Newmarket Sat
Kanesh (IRE) 15:40 Down Royal Sat
Katachenko (IRE) 13:30 Wetherby Sat
Katenko (FR) 15:35 Ascot Sat
Kaysersberg (FR) 16:20 Wetherby Sat
Keltus (FR) 13:45 Ascot Sat
Kilcooley (IRE) 15:00 Ascot Sat
Kincora Fort (IRE) 16:05 Ascot Sat
Klinnsman (IRE) 13:20 Down Royal Sat
Knocklayde Sno Cat (IRE) 13:05 Ayr Sat
Knockyoursocksoff (IRE) 13:15 Ascot Sat
Kodiva (IRE) 13:25 Newmarket Sat
Kumbeshwar 15:25 Ayr Sat
Lady Of Dubai 13:25 Newmarket Sat
Lamboro Lad (IRE) 15:35 Ascot Sat
Laser Blazer 15:00 Ascot Sat
Last Supper 14:05 Wetherby Sat
Laudatory 15:00 Ascot Sat
Le Bec (FR) 15:35 Ascot Sat
Liars Poker (IRE) 12:40 Ascot Sat
Light Well (IRE) 13:15 Ascot Sat
Lightentertainment (IRE) 12:40 Ascot Sat
Like Sully (IRE) 16:05 Ascot Sat
Linton (AUS) 15:10 Newmarket Sat
Lord Wishes (IRE) 16:00 Ayr Sat
Lucky Buttons (IRE) 13:05 Ayr Sat
Ma Filleule (FR) 14:30 Down Royal Sat
Maggie Pink 15:45 Newmarket Sat
Maigh Dara (IRE) 16:05 Ascot Sat
Makhzoon (USA) 14:15 Ayr Sat
Manyriverstocross (IRE) 14:20 Ascot Sat
Master Moon (IRE) 16:30 Ayr Sat
Master Of The Game (IRE) 15:25 Ayr Sat
Master Of The Hall (IRE) 15:50 Wetherby Sat
Master Red (IRE) 16:00 Ayr Sat
Matthew Riley (IRE) 15:50 Wetherby Sat
Medermit (FR) 15:15 Wetherby Sat
Medinas (FR) 14:40 Wetherby Sat
Meetmeatmidnight 13:20 Down Royal Sat
Menorah (IRE) 15:15 Wetherby Sat
Merry King (IRE) 15:35 Ascot Sat
Midnight Appeal 15:35 Ascot Sat
Milan Breeze (IRE) 15:40 Down Royal Sat
Minella Berry (IRE) 13:20 Down Royal Sat
Money For Nothing 12:40 Ascot Sat
Monkey Kingdom 13:45 Ascot Sat
Mountain King 15:00 Ascot Sat
Ms Eboracum (IRE) 13:25 Newmarket Sat
Murphys Way (IRE) 16:05 Ascot Sat
Mutakayyef 14:35 Newmarket Sat
Mywayalways (IRE) 12:50 Newmarket Sat
Nameitwhatyoulike 16:15 Newmarket Sat
Next Sensation (IRE) 14:20 Ascot Sat
Not A Bother Boy (IRE) 12:55 Wetherby Sat
Oakley Star 12:20 Newmarket Sat
Ocean Tempest 15:10 Newmarket Sat
Officer Cadet 13:20 Down Royal Sat
On His Own (IRE) 14:30 Down Royal Sat
One Term (IRE) 14:20 Ascot Sat
Our Kaempfer (IRE) 13:15 Ascot Sat
Outlaw Tom (IRE) 14:50 Ayr Sat
Padre Tito (IRE) 12:40 Ascot Sat
Pair Of Jacks (IRE) 13:30 Wetherby Sat
Park Ranger (IRE) 13:55 Down Royal Sat
Pashan Garh 15:45 Newmarket Sat
Pass The Hat 15:35 Ascot Sat
Pastoral Player 14:00 Newmarket Sat
Personal Touch 16:15 Newmarket Sat
Peters Grey (IRE) 16:30 Ayr Sat
Philba 12:50 Newmarket Sat
Pivot Bridge 13:55 Down Royal Sat
Plucky Dip 15:45 Newmarket Sat
Plus Jamais (FR) 16:00 Ayr Sat
Poole Master 14:20 Ascot Sat
Presenting Junior (IRE) 14:50 Ayr Sat
Proud Chieftain 14:35 Newmarket Sat
Queens Regatta (IRE) 13:05 Ayr Sat
Quel Elite (FR) 14:15 Ayr Sat
Raddeh 12:20 Newmarket Sat
Rascal (IRE) 12:40 Ascot Sat
Raseel 12:20 Newmarket Sat
Rattlin 15:50 Wetherby Sat
Realt Mor (IRE) 14:30 Down Royal Sat
Red Tanber (IRE) 13:40 Ayr Sat
Red Words (IRE) 12:20 Newmarket Sat
Redpender (IRE) 13:40 Ayr Sat
Res Ipsa Loquitur (IRE) 13:55 Down Royal Sat
Restless Harry 15:35 Ascot Sat
Rhapando 12:40 Ascot Sat
Rightdownthemiddle (IRE) 13:55 Down Royal Sat
Rive Gauche 12:20 Newmarket Sat
Road To Riches (IRE) 14:30 Down Royal Sat
Roalco De Farges (FR) 15:35 Ascot Sat
Rock A Doodle Doo (IRE) 12:55 Wetherby Sat
Rock Of Glenstal 16:10 Down Royal Sat
Rock On Rosie (IRE) 16:10 Down Royal Sat
Rock The World (IRE) 13:20 Down Royal Sat
Rockweiller 12:55 Wetherby Sat
Rocky Creek (IRE) 14:30 Down Royal Sat
Rocky Wednesday (IRE) 13:55 Down Royal Sat
Roll It Out (IRE) 13:55 Down Royal Sat
Rotherwick (IRE) 12:50 Newmarket Sat
Round Tower (IRE) 16:10 Down Royal Sat
Run With The Wind (IRE) 13:55 Down Royal Sat
Running Deer (IRE) 14:35 Newmarket Sat
Rushvale (IRE) 16:10 Down Royal Sat
Sagaciously (IRE) 13:25 Newmarket Sat
Sarabad (FR) 15:40 Down Royal Sat
Saraha 12:20 Newmarket Sat
Scolboa Rock (IRE) 13:20 Down Royal Sat
Scooping (IRE) 12:45 Down Royal Sat
Scottish Glen 16:15 Newmarket Sat
Secateur 12:50 Newmarket Sat
Secrete Stream (IRE) 15:50 Wetherby Sat
Seriatim (IRE) 15:40 Down Royal Sat
Shadarpour (IRE) 15:50 Wetherby Sat
Shadow Catcher 13:55 Down Royal Sat
Shadow Rock (IRE) 12:50 Newmarket Sat
Shaiyzar (IRE) 13:20 Down Royal Sat
Shalianzi (IRE) 12:40 Ascot Sat
She Is No Lady 13:25 Newmarket Sat
Shimla Dawn (IRE) 15:50 Wetherby Sat
Showboating (IRE) 15:45 Newmarket Sat
Sign Of A Victory (IRE) 15:00 Ascot Sat
Silver Treasure (FR) 15:45 Newmarket Sat
Silviniaco Conti (FR) 15:15 Wetherby Sat
Smart Motive 12:55 Wetherby Sat
Smoking Big Cigars 13:20 Down Royal Sat
Solar Impulse (FR) 13:30 Wetherby Sat
Sophies World (IRE) 12:45 Down Royal Sat
Stocktons Wing (IRE) 13:55 Down Royal Sat
Stone Light (FR) 14:20 Ascot Sat
Stormy Paradise (IRE) 14:00 Newmarket Sat
Strike Fast (IRE) 14:50 Ayr Sat
Strollawaynow (IRE) 13:45 Ascot Sat
Strongpoint (IRE) 13:55 Down Royal Sat
Stubbins 12:20 Newmarket Sat
Sublime Talent (IRE) 13:40 Ayr Sat
Sudden Wonder (IRE) 14:35 Newmarket Sat
Suffused 12:20 Newmarket Sat
Surety (IRE) 15:45 Newmarket Sat
Taj Badalandabad (IRE) 12:55 Wetherby Sat
Take Note (IRE) 12:20 Newmarket Sat
Tammys Hill (IRE) 14:30 Down Royal Sat
Taquin Du Seuil (FR) 15:15 Wetherby Sat
Tara Road 12:40 Ascot Sat
Tarabiyn (IRE) 12:45 Down Royal Sat
Ted Spread 15:00 Ascot Sat
Teds Brother (IRE) 16:15 Newmarket Sat
The Bear Trap (IRE) 13:45 Ascot Sat
The Bosss Dream (IRE) 16:05 Ascot Sat
The Clock Leary (IRE) 13:45 Ascot Sat
The Crumpet Mine (IRE) 16:05 Ascot Sat
The Friary (IRE) 14:50 Ayr Sat
The Giant Bolster 15:15 Wetherby Sat
The Grey Taylor (IRE) 12:55 Wetherby Sat
The Poets Nephew (IRE) 16:30 Ayr Sat
The Scourge (IRE) 12:45 Down Royal Sat
Thecorruptor (IRE) 16:05 Ascot Sat
This Thyne Jude 13:05 Ayr Sat
Tiger Jim 16:15 Newmarket Sat
Too Cool To Fool (IRE) 15:25 Ayr Sat
Toola Boola 12:55 Wetherby Sat
Top Billing 14:15 Ayr Sat
Topper Thornton (IRE) 13:20 Down Royal Sat
Toujours Lamour 13:25 Newmarket Sat
Treat Yourself (IRE) 13:55 Down Royal Sat
Triple Dip (IRE) 12:50 Newmarket Sat
Trojan Rocket (IRE) 15:45 Newmarket Sat
Turn Over Sivola (FR) 13:30 Wetherby Sat
Ulck Du Lin (FR) 14:20 Ascot Sat
Uncle Dermot (IRE) 14:00 Newmarket Sat
Uncredible (IRE) 16:10 Down Royal Sat
Upton Wood 12:40 Ascot Sat
Ur Honour (IRE) 16:30 Ayr Sat
Valmy Baie (FR) 13:55 Down Royal Sat
Vasco Du Mee (FR) 15:40 Down Royal Sat
Velvet Maker (FR) 13:20 Down Royal Sat
Verano (GER) 15:00 Ascot Sat
Verawal (IRE) 12:45 Down Royal Sat
Verni (FR) 16:30 Ayr Sat
Verona Opera (IRE) 16:30 Ayr Sat
Vino Griego (FR) 15:35 Ascot Sat
Violet Dancer 15:00 Ascot Sat
Voyage A New York (FR) 16:00 Ayr Sat
War Singer (USA) 14:00 Newmarket Sat
Waxies Dargle 13:55 Down Royal Sat
Wayward Prince 15:15 Wetherby Sat
Wellforth (IRE) 14:15 Ayr Sat
What A Warrior (IRE) 15:35 Ascot Sat
Wilberdragon 16:05 Ascot Sat
Wonderful Charm (FR) 15:05 Down Royal Sat
Yorkidding 12:50 Newmarket Sat
Zaru (FR) 15:50 Wetherby Sat

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